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This is probably one of the most exciting camera from Lomography! The Belair camera! Received a newsletter with an offer to do a pre-order with 30% off and I went ‘whoaaaa!’ when I saw them. The specs looks yummy too!

Specs taken from their website says …

– A totally original medium-format camera with automatic shutter settings.
– Takes breathtaking 6×12 panoramic photos as well as 6×6 square format and 6×9 photos.
– Exchangeable lens system for experimentation and flexibility.
– High quality lenses crafted by an experienced optics team.
– Hot-shoe for flash attachment.
– Bulb setting for beautiful long exposures and multiple exposures!
– Extensive ISO Range: 50-1600.

It allows interchangeable lenses … between a 58mm and a 90mm.

Now 6×12 is gonna be hell fun (and burns lots of film)!

I couldn’t resist but to place a pre-order for it. Of course I went for the cheapest version which is the black City Slicker. Since I have a 10% discount code with me … I didn’t think twice and proceed to pre-order myself an early Christmas present. 😀

The silver + leather ones sure look neat but they costs a hundred bucks more … so I’ll just settle for the black version. Too bad it will ship only in December and I won’t be able to bring it along for my vacation next month. 🙁

** UPDATE : All thanks to Jimmy from ThirtySix … now I’ve changed my order to the silver Globe-trotter. He told me that I should get the silver one because it is the metal version. Gosh … I didn’t realise the black one is plastic! Not that I’ve got anything against plastic cameras (my Dianas are plastic!) but I sure hope this one is metal. Jimmy … I won’t have money for beer til Christmas now! 🙁

Anyone else pre-ordering?

Check out more info here.


  1. I’d love to have one! Thanks for the heads up because I was thinking of getting the black one until you mention it was plastic. Would have been damn cool if it was anodized black metal! Now, I’d need to ask for permission to get it… My other half should be staring at me (with a kill-me-I-buy-another-camera-without-her-knowledge) after she sees the post I made on my FB…

  2. @kaxdd : Too hard to resist eh? 😛 Yeah I was thinking it was metal but in black. That will be neat. Maybe you should … pre-order first … then only tell your other half. Muwahaha! >:D

  3. Hahaha! I’ll tell her that this comes from you. So she will go after you and not me!

  4. Both my palms and wallet are sweating now..

  5. @Bone : Do you feel a chill to the bone (pun intended!)? Muwahahaha!

  6. Looks good, but so it should for the price! Guess I’ll have to stick with my 1950′ Zeiss Nettar … it still works and it has a metal body and does tricks too. All for a tenth of the price of the Belair. Could this be Lomography’s big push into the high-end luxury-brands market?
    Thanks for your blogs – I enjoy lurking around them for a breath of sunshine from our wet and windy South East England [well, it is wet ‘n’ windy today]

  7. @Colin : Yeah it sure is costly compared to those good ol’ folder cams. I have an old Voigtlander Perkeo II which I bought cheap many years ago … and it is sleeping in my dry cabi. Lol. I agree that there is a possibility Lomo is venturing into some more ‘normal’ cams now. Maybe someday there will be a Lomo – Leica collaboration? Hahaha.

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