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If you have read my earlier blog entry about my attempt to assemble the Last Camera … you will probably know that I almost screwed up when I was working on the lens assembly. I messed up the elements and had to buzz Jimmy (from ThirtySix) to help check which was the 2nd and 3rd lenses in the package. I had to pray real hard when he told me the answer … as I was worried he might be drinking beer when he replied me. 😀

Anyway … I was very eager to burn a roll of film to test if I got the lens assembled right … and so I fed the camera with a roll of long expired Fujifilm Press 800 film and randomly fired some shots on my way to work the last few days. Well … I was just testing if I got it assembled properly … so of course you will see super duper ultra random crappy shots here.

When I scanned the first frame from this test roll … I went ‘Whoooa!!! That’s pretty darn sharp!!!’. Well I was expecting something more ‘Holga-ish’ … and the results proved me wrong. You might see the sides are a little ‘dreamy’ though.

Frankly … til now I do not know what’s the actual aperture and shutter speed values. I don’t seem to see those info in the manual … so I took a risk and used ISO800 film since it wasn’t sunny at all on my way to work.

Not too bad ain’t it? It somehow reminds me of the Vivitar UWS camera.

These were shot using the 22mm lens. I haven’t got time to try out the 45mm one. Guess I’ll have to go out and shoot on a hot hot day to try get better photos.

Oh … by the way … I did try out the ‘light leak switch’. Maybe Mr. Sunlight wasn’t bright enough to give me any hint of light leak in these photos because I did open up the ‘switch’ in many of these shots.

So is the Last Camera worth buying? Hmm … I’d say a big ‘yes!’ for the DIY fun part … and a ‘pretty good’ for its ‘performance’.

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