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After some months of ‘rest’, my Fujifilm GF670 got to go out for some fun again. This roll of long expired Fujifilm Pro 160s had a few exposures … ermm … exposed … and I was trying to finish shooting it. I am beginning to think that I should shoot only 120 film as I have way too little time for photography nowdays. 🙁

There was a small problem with the folding mechanism some months back … but after a close inspection … apparently it was something I dropped that got suck at the side (where the folding ‘arm’ was). Phew! It is still in perfect working condition … and it’s as sexy as ever!

Frankly … there were a few occasions when I almost sold this camera off. It is not that it ain’t awesome … but the problem lies with me. Yeah … I can’t seem to get used to using rangefinders. It drives me crazy having to slowly focus (using rangefinders) and my old fuzzy eyeballs makes things worse. Still I decided to keep it and give it some ‘warm up’ every now and then. Hey … after this roll I’m even considering packing it along for my vacation come this Friday. Hmm … should I or should I not?

You will notice some light leaks in some of these shots. When I finished shooting the roll and took it out … somehow it wasn’t rolled tight. I unloaded it outdoors on a hot afternoon!

It is easier shooting still subjects like buildings. Hahaha!

I actually thought of finishing this roll after my recent pre-order of the Lomography’s Belair. I think I have one other folder camera (Voigtlander) which has been neglected for many years already. Time to feed a roll into it and do a big ‘folder camera reunion’ when the Belair arrives in December!

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