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There are just so many things I wanna do after arriving back here (at 5am!!!) … sending some rolls to the lab, testing the XF 18-55 lens on my X-Pro1, self-developing a few rolls of black & white film that I used to test the GR21, finish updating my blog layout and of course getting myself some good sleep.

Most of these plans went up in ashes as Fitzand refused to take a nap and I after sending 2 rolls of slides to the lab for cross processing … I took Fitzand for a short walk and lunch near the Esplanade and at the same time … fire some random test drive the Fujifilm XF 18-55 lens I bought in Tokyo.

This is just my own test drive … to make sure the lens works fine and getting familar with it. A review this definitely ain’t. Who would ever trust a review from a guy who sandpapers his camera anyway? 😛

The XF 18-55 comes with a petal hood. I’ve never like using lens hoods anyway (except for those retro vented ones) … so I guess this hood will have to sit permanently in my drawer.

There isn’t any aperture marking on the lens barrel but you can change the apertures with one of the ring on it and looking at the value (aperture) on the LCD. That sucks a little! I love (and already got used to) the way it works on the 35mm with the aperture markings on the lens! Anyway … let’s see if the lens works well …

Shot at f7

The next 3 are shot at f2.8 …

This is a pretty sharp lens (to my fuzzy eyeballs). I sold my 18mm after a few days because it seemed to be giving me some weird soft corners and now … but 18-55 is definitely going to stay! It’s good as a travel lens and pretty versatile for me to capture (more) photos of my little boss.

At 18mm

At 55mm

This one (below) was shot at f2.8 as I wanted to see if it performs okay at the corners …

I picked this lens up in Tokyo for approximately S$860. Read that it should be here (in Singapore) next week or the week after.


  1. I love this combo,versatile ,stealth and sharp.
    That is all to it..for street shooter like me.

  2. Just love this combo (xpro+18-55),
    Simple,and exceptionally refined
    camera + this len is really all i need.
    Its the captured image that counts ,
    Versatile +stealth is all there is for us
    …street shooters.

  3. @giri : I second that. They make a great combo for street photography.