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It has been a while since I’ve updated my blog and since Fitzand went to bed very early today (2 sessions of skating lessons did the trick!) … I dug out few photos I took some weeks back (before the Lunar New Year) from my window … of the sunset. I’m one who prefers the sunrise (despite the crazy pain of waking up real early) but it doesn’t matter … it is still the same sun that’s gonna rise the next morning.

These were shot using my Fujifilm XS-1. Although I hardly have the need for long lenses … times like these (when I need to zoom in) makes keeping a super zoom camera worthwhile.

This ‘short break’ from shooting sure ain’t a short one but I’ll be back real soon … I think.


  1. Love these egg yolks!

  2. @cyanwater : Thanks! Yeah it was a lovely sunset that day. Too bad you no longer live there in Bishan … else I might have got a photo of you from my window when I zoomed in. Muwahhaha!

  3. thank you for taking me nearest to the sun, its beautiful and beautifully captured!

  4. @Carla : 😀 Glad you like the trip to the sun. Thank you.