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Miun (aka Noreen aka Norya) … a very talented friend of mine has been spending a lot of time exploring some very cool methods of experimenting with the Impossible Project films and deriving at really neat works. Come July and September 2013 … she will be exhibiting her works in Hong Kong and you guys definitely have to go check it out if you are there. I’m gonna bug her for a ticket to Hong Kong (plus beer and accomodation!)  for being her #1 fan!

For more information about these awesome works and exhibition, check out Mium’s website here.

She is also the talented one I worked with some years back for a floral arrangement project. Check it out here.

Noreen has been bugging me for an answer about why I am not shooting much lately (or rather … for some time already). Noreen … I’ll be back someday soon with tons of photos but for now … I am pretty busy with lots of things in life (that are more important to me than photography) and also working real hard on a project in my spare time. I am not about to say goodbye to my cameras (yet)! 😛


  1. what secret project u working on!!!! hahahahah

  2. @norya : Can’t disclose at the moment. Just that I’m putting every bit of spare time into working on it with my partner. I have a roll that’s to be scanned on my desk for like a month now and I’m still finding enough time (and energy) to scan it. 🙁

  3. @norya : Oh btw … when can I drop by to collect my air ticket? 😀

  4. muahahahahha!!!! i give u a paper jet plane … ai mai?

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    Fuzzyeyeballs » Others » Beneath The Surface by Miun


    Fuzzyeyeballs » Others » Beneath The Surface by Miun

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    Fuzzyeyeballs » Others » Beneath The Surface by Miun