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Shoot it. Place it. Case it.

That’s what Castetagram claims they do. I recently chanced upon this interesting online phone/tablet cover printing service and decided to give it a try. The 2 items I ordered from them arrived today and since I am very satisfied with them … I’ll do a short ‘review’ on Casetagram here in my (recently much neglected blog).

Designing your own cases are a breeze using just a few simple steps on their website. Oh … by the way … they can be found at

Here are the few simple steps I went through before a short wait for the postman to come knocking at the door with my cases …

Depending on the device that you are creating the case for … there is an option for you to pick the color that suits your device most.

The fun starts when you begin the actual designing work by choosing a layout for the design. If you do not want to use one of the standard layout templates, you can of course create your own layout and design using tools like Photoshop and then pick a blank template from this layout selection page.

For those who fancy those color effects … there are options available to give your photos extra ‘punch’. I decided to go without them though.

As I did not have any photos from my Facebook/Instagram that I wanted to use for my design … I uploaded some from my hard disk and then dragged and dropped them into the template I choose. Easy task!

For those of you who want to use photos from Facebook/Instagram … just connect to your account(s) and the photos are automatically populated and available for you to drag and drop into your designs.

So after just a few days of waiting, the items arrived today. I was surprised to see that they came nicely packed in boxes! Honestly I was expecting just some bubble wraps around them. 😛

Pretty neat packaging!

In the boxes … again I was pretty surprised to see the covers wrapped in some soft paper material. Neat!

Okay … here are the 2 cases I created. You might wonder why am I not using some of the photos I have on them. Right? I’ll not go into that at the moment. I designed the cases with a character from some illustration work I have been working on.  😀

This one (above) is an iPhone 5 case …

… and this one (above) is an iPad Mini case.

The cases come in matt surfaces and that makes them look really neat. The results are impressive! I’m going to get a couple of these cases made soon for myself (that looks less kiddo-ish) for sure.

Here’s a good news …

Would you like to receive a FREE personalized case for your device? Casetagram is giving away one of them free and you get to design your own case and get it shipped (also FREE) to you! Here’s what you have to do …

Follow Casetagram on Twitter (@casetagram) and send me a message using the ‘Contact’ form (top of my blog page). No purchase or tricky questions! Just drop me a message to say ‘hi’ and don’t forget to mention the word ‘Casetagram’ in it. Easy? I’ll be waiting for your messages and this giveaway ends on the 15th August 2013. One lucky person will get to win a free Casetagram case! The picking of that lucky person will be done by Casetagram … so don’t bother sending me free beer ok? 😛


  1. Wow…changing trade already? Doing casing now… 😛

  2. @Jer : Huh? I am just a happy customer of theirs. 😀

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