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The Natura 1600 film has always been one of my favourite … too bad it costs quite a lot. Picked up a couple of 24 exposure ones some time ago and has been quite reluctant to use them. Duh. Guess I’ve to put them to good use instead of letting them hibernate in the fridge, so here’s one roll from my Klasse W.

Brought Fitzand for an evening out at the beach in Sentosa (and of course not forgetting some pints of beer from the beach bar), so the low light capability of the Natura was a big help.

The rest of the photos were taken yesterday in the local museum and again … I was glad I had ISO1600 film in my camera.


  1. Stunning colors and great compositions. #2 is gorgeous.

  2. Natura! Have you tried superia 1600? You should! Get THEM from 8storeytree!

  3. Tom, thank you.

    Cyan … yeah … Natura. I’ll definitely try Superia 1600 someday … not now … I’m broke. 🙁

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