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Received an email from Lomography with the official press release of the Colette special edition Diana F+ camera and also the Colette exhibition in Paris. It also contained some PDF files of some pages from the ‘Through a woman’s lens’ book. The special edition Diana F+ camera does remind me of the Hong Meow edition which has a black bottom and white top. The only difference I see are some cute blue dots on it. Not sure if the flash is white or black (like the Hong Meow) because the picture of the camera is only of the front view. Did they just add the dots and call it a special edition? Hmmm. Anyway, the camera that they are gonna send me is gonna have the name ‘FITZAND’ instead of ‘COLETTE’ and that makes it special enough for me. Don’t know if I’ll be tempted to buy the normal version though.

Front cover of the ‘Through A Woman’s Lens’ book …

… and below is the scary page that has a photo of myself in it. Duh! It’s a last minute taken photo with my Instax for inclusion in the ‘artist profiles’ section in the book … yucks!


  1. warhhhhh… ndroo so sart loh… except his own potrait… lol

  2. Noreen … ‘sart’ or ‘sucks’? 😀 I was just lucky. As for my self-portrait … eew. They asked me to send it the next morning and at that time … I had no photo of myself. Hahaha. So the Instax was the best solution. If it were taken on a digital cam … it will be worse! All the details will cause the book to be scrapped immediately.

  3. Going to the stationery shop to get some circle stickers! :p

  4. Ruby, that’s a very good idea. I actually was expecting more than this (the design). I thought it would be some design that’s a lot cooler that. Duh! Pretty disappointed.

  5. Hi Ndroo,

    Just happened to see your posting of Fitzand @ CS and clicked on the url of your website… its been a long time… this place has changed a lot… quite confusing but i like it — very artistic.. your photo does not look like u at all..or.. have u really changed so much??

  6. eeeeeeeee @ self pot.. lol

  7. Evershine … hey it’s been a long while! Hahaha. Oh yeah, I think I’ve changed lots since the last time we met.

  8. Jim … I’m gonna kill you! 😀 I am gonna do an entire series of self portraits and email them all to you! I’ll be your nightmare! 😀

  9. i jus notice leh… thorn among the roses leh

  10. hehe I received it also… yeah I’m a bit disapponited by the limited edition, but… whatever, the more important is that we are in the book !
    So you must have seen my story by now… Quite crapy though uh ? Ididn’t read the others yet !

    Anyway I can’t wait to receive the book ! and to go to the exhibit !! 😉

    BTW thanx for visiting my blog ! (and yes you write the comments in the right place ;-)) !!
    Maybe sometimes we should make some doubles to celebrate all this 🙂

  11. Fabyen, I’m pretty busy these few days and only managed to view the photos in those sample pages they sent me. Love your photos in them! Oh yeah … a doubles will be really fun. Drop me a line if you are interested to do it. 🙂

  12. Noreen … there is another guy in the list but on another page that I didn’t upload. 😛

  13. Okay for the doubles !

    Though I have 3 rolls to finish, then I’ll start one for you!!
    I’ll contact you on your lomohome… I suggest we start each one a roll and send it to the other, what do you think ?

  14. Fabyen, sure. I’ll prepare a roll soon and get back to you.

  15. fitzand will be so proud of you. 🙂

  16. Cyan, xie xie. I was just lucky 😀

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