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Fitzand’s photo site has been merged with this blog of mine as I can’t find enough time to maintain two websites at one time. The domain name will of course still be active.

Some random video clips of Fitzand …

Latest video …

High In Japan 2012 – Fitzand’s Dance Video (click on HD for viewing in HD in Vimeo)
Interview with Fitzand for Lomography’s Father’s Day feature

Fitzand – The boogie man
Fun at the zoo on 4th birthday

X’mas party 2010 @ Babies Resort
X’mas party 2010 performance rehearsal @ Babies Resort
Fitzand in Taiwan 2010
Fitzand helping out in the kitchen
Fitzand at the Universal Studios, Singapore
Fitzand messing with my Mac
Fitzand messing with my Spinner 360
The constipation boogie
Fathers Day 2010 outing to Kids Kampung (with Babies Resort)
Fitzand @ Tokyo Disneyland
Fitzand + Zaydeen (in Kuala Lumpur)

… and here are the photos of him

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  1. Hey, a little handsome boy, I wish you the best for health, love and happiness together.

  2. Well hello there Fitzand! What a handsome little man you are are. Will visit again to see how you are doing.

  3. Awesome website fitzand and love the colour. Can’t wait to hear you say “Uncle”..

  4. Hey dude! How’s the kid? Has he been a good boy? Had enough sleep lately? hee.. hee..

  5. great work daddy!! ur boy will b very proud of u!!

  6. man! this web rocks! ur son will be so touched wen he grow up! thumbs up for u daddy! cool web!!

  7. Lovely Lovely Pictures!

  8. wow…look very much like Mum….what a handsome boy…

  9. LOVE YOUR baby!!! =)

  10. so CUTE… he seem taller…. ahahhaah

  11. @everyone : Thank you

    @norya : Are you referring to the recent photos from Hong Kong? Yeah … he grows so fast that I feel older each and every day. 😀

  12. yah…. in fact i notice that since the last time we meet up at sentosa… i suddenly felt like… how come im still fat(my fatty tummy)… and yet he seem taller…

  13. @norya : U won’t feel fat if you stay closer to me. 😀

  14. […] For more photos, check out his photo gallery. […]

  15. can u pls show us how you look when fitz took a pic of you.
    pretty pls with a cherry on top?? :p

  16. @solace : Are you referring to the one taken at the zoo? 😀 I’ll try check out the photos he took later tonight. 😀

  17. yes, the zoo :p haha.

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