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Someone from Lomography contacted me recently telling me that I was choosen to be a ‘Best Daddy Lomo Amigo’ (do Lomo Amigos get 50% off all purchases at Lomography stores?) and would like to interview me. Ermm … I actually hate interviews because it is either the same old questions or questions that I find hard to answer.

This one seemed interesting so I agreed and was furnished a set of questions … and also a set of questions for Fitzand. OMG! Interview questions for my little boss? That’s gonna be hard to get answers from him!

I toyed with the idea of doing a video for the interview with Fitzand part … as I thought that will be a bit easier and it ended up with him answering only about half of the questions set. Wasn’t easy to get him to cooperate as he was either making funny faces at the camera or shaking his butt.

Here’s the very short video …

Here’s the link to the interview on Lomography’s website.


  1. Hola Papa Amigo! 😀 Happy father’s day to you! And the rest of the papa out there! 🙂

  2. Mr Kua! Why you so cute? 🙂
    Happy Daddy’s Day Ndroo!

  3. This is awesome!!! Happy Unker’s Day!!!

  4. @evaeva : 😀 Thanks! You almost got me killed with those tricky questions eh?

    @Evon : Mr Kua? I’m Mr Kua too. So am I cute too?

    @cyanwater : Thanks. Do I get the 4 Sardina cams as presents from you?

  5. Hey Daddy Kua, you’ve a nice interview and nice sound track to go with the interview. i think you could participate into more Daddy’s day competition with this heartfelt video. It wasn’t easy to meddle with such a smart aleck.

    and, Mr Kua, way to go, you cute little punk. You have won yourself a treat to swensen. You can earn more by saying that: ‘ I love Daddy more if Daddy buy me a Fuji Natura.’

  6. @Beam : Thanks. Natura? I’ve got a roll or two in my fridge. 😛 The cam? No … no way. 😛

  7. Mini Kua is soooo cute.
    Happie Father’s Day

  8. @Naga : You mean Mega Kua is not cute?!!! Hmpt! Hahahahaha! Thanks! 😉

  9. KUA KUA KUA!!!!!

  10. @noreen : Hahahaha! Mr Kua!

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  12. Love the Kua family!
    What’s the background track? Very nice!

  13. @Ta : Thanks. The song is ‘Father & son’ by Ronan Keating & Yusuf Islam.

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