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I love crazy creative people! Came across this website where the owner makes a ‘robot’ a day! It’s hell challenging enough doing my Lensbaby Diary where I take a photo with the Lensbaby a day … this one is million times more challenging! She makes it sound pretty simple though … ‘I make robots. I post robots. That’s pretty much the whole deal.’. Hmm … wait. I don’t really know this creative person is a he or a she … since the email reads robotgod (at) robotaday (dot) com. Let’s just call her/him ‘RobotGod’. 😀

What is Robot a Day?

It’s one robot, everyday, Monday through Friday. Robot a Day is part art project, a chance to build a robot army, and a bit of a laugh. It’s a creative endeavour with a simple framework: make one bot, 5 times a week.

I spent some time browings thru the website and my eyes almost popped out at the different cute designs. I love the little iPod on one of them too. I’m so jealous RobotGod can find time to make these every day. I swear if I strike big time lottery, I’m gonna stay home and take care of Fitzand and also design a Holga every day too. Hehe. I’m dreaming again!!!

Check out more cool designs here.


  1. OMG… so cute….!!! i so love it…. thanks for sharing i so gonna book mark this!!! OMG

  2. Yeah … I was very impressed by the ‘robots’ too. Crazy, cute, cool!

  3. The SquirrelBot damn cute.

  4. hehe.. cute.

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