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Photographer With Attitude

Written by • Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
Minutes to midnight on a Sunday night. Hours from another hell-ish day at work! I’ll try not to think that far ahead and update my blog with a short entry. I’ve only some digital snapshots to post as I only managed to fire 20 exposures in a roll of negatives loaded in my Nikon F3. That means 16 more to go … perhaps next weekend. Was out doing some shopping and after an awesome dinner at a Korean restaurant, we picked up a present for a Fitzand’s classmate who will… >> read more

Almost A No Coffee Day

Written by • Feb 19th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
Fitzand made a ‘special request’ to go feed fishes at the Botanical Gardens and so we brought him for a picnic there this morning. It has been a few months since we last went for a picnic … so happily we arrived there around 930am. We packed up some drinks and munchies and thought we could grab our breakfast (and my coffee!!!) at the food court there … BUT … BUT … it has ceased operation! Darn it! So without coffee (the ultimate sin!) for the morning … we spent… >> read more

Bye Liver, Hello Pool

Written by • Oct 31st, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
The weekend is coming to an end (again) and this has gotta be one of the craziest weekend ever. My brother and a friend came visiting (from Kuala Lumpur) and although I welcomed them with open arms … my liver didn’t. These two seems to be the biggest boozers alive that I know! Stay away from these guys if you see them on the streets. They left Singapore at about 5pm and I thought they were heading home … until I got a call an hour later … to say… >> read more


Written by • Jul 4th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
It has been an overdose of World Cup stuffs recently … from being flooded with friends’ ‘live’ updates on Facebook, woken up in the middle of the night because of some crazy ‘goalll!’ screams from a coffee shop 4 minutes away (and 29 floors down!) … and the frustration of not being able to slack near the bar counter at my favourite watering hole. Back at home … I don’t bother to watch (or follow) the matches at all. Yeah … you can tell me that it happens only every… >> read more

Polaroid Re-Love

Written by • Jun 21st, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
My poor Spinner 360 cammie has yet to churn out her first roll and the weekend came and went (again). There were just too many things to do and too little time left. It was Father’s Day yesterday but to me … it was just another Sunday … with almost all the time spent playing with my little Energizer lithium ion powered kiddo. 😀 When I was putting on the new ‘skin’ for my SX-70 the other day, I realised that I’ve got a pack of new film and also… >> read more

Instant Back @ SSC

Written by • May 30th, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
Yes there will be some photos I took using the LC-A+ and the instant back in this post. They will be at the end of this entry … just in case you are wondering why on earth you don’t see them after scrolling (a bit) down. I’ll leave them at the end of the post to make sure you see my digital ones. Hahaha! Nah! Joking. Anyway … since there is this Pixar’s ’20 years of animation’ going on at the Science Center, we decided to bring Fitzand there for… >> read more

Parcel From Japan

Written by • Oct 6th, 2009 • Category: Toys
A parcel arrived from Japan this morning and it in are two very cool items. First is a hand made leather half case specially made for me by my friend Michel (mijonju). It is funny that after he completed this, he told me that the end result looks kinda ‘raw’ compared to those factory made or those expensive professional made ones. Hahaha. He thought of trying to redo one but I stopped him and told him I really love the raw look. Lovely isn’t it? I love the raw look… >> read more

Random Fours

Written by • Jul 30th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
The Aryca Actionsampler camera is one of those what I expect to use perhaps less than 5 times a year. Loaded it with a roll of 400 film before my recent trip to Sentosa and ended up having to fill it with some other random shots to finish it before finally sending it to the lab today. I prefer this Actionsampler over the one from Lomography because of the few other shooting modes (eg. 4 identical, 4 separate shots) and thought maybe I should use of more often and just… >> read more