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It has been an overdose of World Cup stuffs recently … from being flooded with friends’ ‘live’ updates on Facebook, woken up in the middle of the night because of some crazy ‘goalll!’ screams from a coffee shop 4 minutes away (and 29 floors down!) … and the frustration of not being able to slack near the bar counter at my favourite watering hole.

Back at home … I don’t bother to watch (or follow) the matches at all. Yeah … you can tell me that it happens only every 4 years … but I don’t care. 😀 At home … I do have a big soccer fan though. Strange but true … Fitzand got very excited about soccer and have been making me play ball with him almost every single day … in the house! So after work, after dinner … I’ll have to be his goalie for at least 30 minutes before being able to go for my shower.

I decided to make this little short video that will waste maybe 2 minutes of your life if you are interested to watch it. It doesn’t happen every 4 years … instead it happens (almost) every 24 hours. 😀 You can also see some little sections in it where Fitzand tried to ‘kill’ *sweat* my Harinezumi. If he ever turn into a soccer player one day … I wonder if he’ll be running after the video cameras at the field with the ball. LOL!

As you can probably see … we only have a very small area to play ball in. This means I’ve to react super fast to make sure the ball doesn’t smash anything in the living room. Thank God the ball I got him (to play in the house) is a light and soft one. Due to distance between both of us … and how hard he kicks the ball … I might need to get myself a ball guard soon. 😛

Note : This video was taken using the Harinezumi 2 but I tweaked the color a little in iMovie.


  1. Feel damn tired after watching the video………………

  2. @nelly : Hahahaha! Tired? Just imagine I’ve to do that daily. Strange my size hasn’t change a bit so far. 😛

  3. Oh man….the World Cup is giving me a headache too :S

    You placed the camera on the floor? Your goal keeping skill must be good to avoid the ball smashing your camera…

  4. All kids are full of energy. They are better than Energizer. They just keep GOING and GOING!!!

  5. @Jer : Yeah I had the cam on the floor and that’s why he kept trying to ‘smash’ it. My goalkeeping skill is getting better each day.

    @Kaxdd : They seem to be on li-ion batteries with a few spares in the pocket.

  6. Adorable!

    Don’t worry! When it’s damaged, come to thirtysix and get the limited chinon red hz2! 😉

  7. @cyanwater : So far the Zumi2 has proved to be very durable. If you did watch the video I took in Disneyland, you should have seen how Fitzand was using the Zumi2 in the drizzle. It was all wet on the outside (and I was almost in tears) but it survived! Then he did hit the cam few times with the ball (argh!) … the battery compartment sometimes got opened but the cammie still works! Hahaha! Don’t try tempt me with the red zumi ok? Grrrr!

  8. Haha…your camera is for target practice…

  9. @Jer : Yeah. But sometimes when the cam is not at the scene … my face and ermm … ‘balls’ end up the targets too. Ouch!

  10. haha great song to match with the video 🙂 hehehe!

  11. @Mijonju : Thanks! Got the scanner already? 😀 Can’t wait to see your Spinner masterpieces!

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