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Bricks, Photos And Bears

Written by • Dec 10th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs
Took Fitzand to the Art Science Museum today for the ‘The Art Of The Brick’ and the Magnum photos showcase ‘[Outside] In’ today. We had a great time in both the exhibits! No photo taking is allowed at the Magnum showcase but I was fascinated by Jacob Aue Sobol’s work. You’ve gotta go check it out! Many wonderful works at the exhibit. Here are just a few shots to share … I don’t wanna be a spoiler. Go check it out soon! ‘Disintegration’ … I love this one (above). That’s… >> read more

Digital Lego Cam?

Written by • Jul 28th, 2009 • Category: Others
Does this Lego camera below look familiar? Hahaha. Yeah. Some of you might remember that is one of the ‘dressed up’ Holga camera that I did some time ago and was sold off in a charity sale. Minutes ago … a friend sent me a link to a pretty neat Lego digital camera. Don’t you hate having friends who are always sending you info about new cameras to spend you money on? Coming in fall 2009, this lego brick digital camera seems pretty cute and interesting. Not sure about how… >> read more