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The OneKnot Strap

Written by • Jun 14th, 2012 • Category: Toys
Finally found a leather wrist strap that I love lots! This 21cm OneKnot wrist strap from Zhou (jiozhou on eBay) is made from fine cow hide … looks simple … and has the ‘raw’ look that I love. It is very soft and comfortable yet feels strong enough for most cameras that doesn’t weigh a ton. There ain’t no stitches or clips. The design is cleverly secured using a simple knot (thus the name OneKnot). Luckily it is pretty nicely priced (US$18.50) that I bought two of these … one… >> read more

Kipon Tilt Adapter

Written by • Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
My dream of getting a tilt-shift adapter to use on my Olympus E-P1/E-PL1 went crashing out of the window when I found out that a Japanese company/shop was coming out with one that costs about US$400. That’s a lot of money for an adapter and I gave up all hopes … until recently … somehow my itchy fingers typed ‘w … w … w … e … b … a … y … c … o … m’. Out of the blue, I was suddenly reminded of the tilt-shift adapter… >> read more

Mud Sold Separately!

Written by • Sep 25th, 2009 • Category: Toys
About a year after I blogged about how much I want to own this specially designed Diana F+ by Dorophy Tang (read about it here), my dream finally came true with the newly launched Qing Hua Diana F+. Here’s a photo of the original one that I drooled over for months … A classsic, ain’t it? I saw the newsletter from Lomography and was so excited I could scream but when I opened up the link … I realised something was wrong. This ain’t exactly the one I wanted! Argh!… >> read more