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Finally found a leather wrist strap that I love lots! This 21cm OneKnot wrist strap from Zhou (jiozhou on eBay) is made from fine cow hide … looks simple … and has the ‘raw’ look that I love. It is very soft and comfortable yet feels strong enough for most cameras that doesn’t weigh a ton.

There ain’t no stitches or clips. The design is cleverly secured using a simple knot (thus the name OneKnot).

Luckily it is pretty nicely priced (US$18.50) that I bought two of these … one for my X-Pro1 and the other for my X1.

In the past I have been using another leather wrist strap but it is a little too thick and rigid … and short … not too comfortable for my fat wrist. If you are looking for a leather wrist strap … I’d definitely recommend you check this OneKnot out.


  1. look nice 🙂

  2. @norya : Yeah and it feels soft and nice too!

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