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eBay, eBoy

Written by • May 15th, 2011 • Category: Others
An hour ago … while playing with Fitzand in his room and he was typing away on his imaginary computer … when he suddenly turned over and asked ‘Daddy! You want to buy a camera?’. I was a little puzzled but soon I realised it could be because sometimes when he comes bugging me while I’m at my computer … I’ll be surfing the ‘net looking at cameras. 😀 Oh no! Hahaha! So I promptly said ‘Yes … I want a camera.’. My little boss with my netbook. No …… >> read more

Yeah … Very Funny!

Written by • Jan 9th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
Cindy (aka Cyanwater) from ThirtySix gave Fitzand a Christmas present that he loved lots. It was a disposable camera called ‘LOL CAM’ and he wanted to use it the moment he ripped apart the box (in the car!). I managed to stop him and later taught him how to use it. Luckily his finger was long enough to reach the front to press (and hold) the flash button. I thought that roll of 24 exposure film wouldn’t last an hour … since I decided to just leave it to him… >> read more

Open Your Eyes! Smile!

Written by • Aug 8th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
Was out with my family to Clarke Quay area for late lunch and thought maybe we should slack there until dinner time so that Fitzand can have some outdoor fun there … watching the boats and running around. We had some yummy Japanese food (ramen!) there and then while wifey went for some shopping … Fitzand and I loitered around and of course I tried to take some photos of him to cure my trigger-happy fingers. Played with my Spinner for a while but ended up shooting digital with the… >> read more

Pinhole Pizza?

Written by • Mar 20th, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
Some time ago … I was ‘stuck’ with some piggies (US$ credits) in the Lomography store and had to decide on ‘killing’ them on something a couple of days before they expired. There wasn’t any camera I was eyeing and I’ve enough film in my fridge to last me a while. So I browsed around and came across these pinhole cameras called ‘Pinhole Blender’. Huh? What a name! They look like some cool metal cans that you can shove a roll of film (they come in 35mm and 120 variations)… >> read more

Smiley Half A Frame

Written by • Feb 24th, 2010 • Category: Others
Erik sent me this info about a new Holga camera called the Holga 135TIM. One look and I started to smile. Here’s a photo of it … Hello Spongebob! According to infomation found online, this is a half frame camera and as you can see from the front (makes me smile everytime I look at it), the two eyes seem to be the lenses. From the looks, it probably allows you to open either ‘eye’ to expose half a frame each time, and maybe opening both of them will give… >> read more

The Butcher Is King

Written by • Jan 17th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
“In the land of the pig, the butcher is king” Brought my family for breakfast and some shopping along Orchard Rd yesterday and while lurking around ION Orchard, Fitzand saw some posters of some cute pigs and told us that he wants them. Pigs? They are actually piggy shaped buns found in a Chinese restaurant upstairs. After some shopping, we bought him there and he was thrilled to see the ‘piggies’. LOL! The cute round piggies costs S$3 for two. Fitzand tried feeding them with cashew nut. LOL! Enough feeding… >> read more

Happy Birthday, Fitzand

Written by • Jan 5th, 2010 • Category: Digital stuffs
How time flies! Fitzand has just turned 3 years old today and I took leave to spend the day with him … starting the day with a short birthday party at the childcare he attends. We ordered a Thomas & Friends cake (he personally picked the cake!) and he was super happy to see it yesterday evening when we collected it. This is the first time he’s celebrating his birthday with his friends at the childcare (he hasn’t joined the childcare during his last birthday) and he was super duper… >> read more

Trick Or Treat?

Written by • Oct 30th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
Few days ago, I was kinda surprised when Fitzand told me ‘Friday we are going to collect sweets!’ when I fetched him from the childcare. It took me a while to realise that they are probably going trick-or-treating today. Hahahaha. Then the next day, we got a note from the childcare informing us that they are arranging the kiddos to go trick-or-treating and want us to get some costume and stuffs for him. Fun! According to the teachers, they have already pre-planned everything and those neighbourhood shops that will be… >> read more

Curious Superstar

Written by • Aug 21st, 2009 • Category: Others
It’s finally Friday again! While waiting for the happy weekend to arrive, I thought I might as well add an entry to share this super funny and cute photograph that I saw in the news recently. It is the type of photo that makes me smile every time I see it. Cute ain’t it? Hahaha. This was somehow an ‘accidental’ shot when the American couple were on vacation in Canada. They had the self timer on … posed for the photo and suddenly out came a curious squirrel who looked… >> read more


Written by • Jun 30th, 2009 • Category: Others
Back from an extremely short beer session with my colleagues and one of them was telling us a ‘story’ about his younger days … back in the 80s! That somehow got me reminiscing about those good old days. Hahaha. He was telling us about how he (and his buddies) were influenced by some Chinese movies back then and how they dressed up just like their ‘heroes’ then. Muwahaha. I couldn’t really believe what I heard and had an incredible time trying to imagine how he’d look like back then. More… >> read more