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eBay, eBoy

Written by • May 15th, 2011 • Category: Others
An hour ago … while playing with Fitzand in his room and he was typing away on his imaginary computer … when he suddenly turned over and asked ‘Daddy! You want to buy a camera?’. I was a little puzzled but soon I realised it could be because sometimes when he comes bugging me while I’m at my computer … I’ll be surfing the ‘net looking at cameras. 😀 Oh no! Hahaha! So I promptly said ‘Yes … I want a camera.’. My little boss with my netbook. No …… >> read more

Click! Click! Clap!

Written by • Feb 3rd, 2010 • Category: Others
Photoshop has always been something I try not to spend much of my time on … until lately when Fitzand started to experience the fun of typing on my computer. I’ve been spending time sitting with him in front of my computer … letting him type his name in Photoshop. Hahaha! He will type slowly with his little fingers (although speed has caught up lately) and go … ‘F … I … T … Z … A … N … D … ‘ followed by ‘space~’ and ‘K … U… >> read more

Fitzand’s Dance

Written by • Jun 9th, 2009 • Category: Others
Fitzand is a little shy and makes me either go outside the room or hide behind a play tent when he is ‘performing’. So one evening I decided to secretly video him while hiding behind the play tent. It wasn’t easy doing it with a little compact camera but that’s the best I can do. This is also the first time I’m trying to piece together short clips and adding some effects in the video. Do not laugh at my horrible video editing skill. I don’t even know how to… >> read more