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Portland Vignettes

Written by • Oct 14th, 2011 • Category: Toys
I feel in love with the simple yet awesome photos she takes and posts in Facebook and when I saw that she has this lovely ‘Portland Vignettes’ book published … I didn’t think twice about ordering a copy. I got to know Keri through Lensbaby (she’s a lucky devil to work in a company making fun lenses!). A copy of the book arrived today (I got a signed copy!) and I must say that I’m impressed! “Keri Friedman is a photographer living in Portland, OR. By day she works for… >> read more

Game Over (For Now)

Written by • Feb 9th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
A week has passed without work. A week of leave went up in ashes. The Lunar New Year celebration is over (at least for me … or did I even celebrate at all?). Tomorrow will be the first day I get my butt back to work. For once … I’m taking a photo that reflects exactly how I feel now … No Angry Bird was harmed in the making of this photo. Oven thoroughly cleaned too. This was taken using the Lensbaby Composer about an hour ago. I just collected… >> read more

My Desire

Written by • Jun 9th, 2010 • Category: Others
I ain’t one who is much into the latest phone stuffs but after using my Nokia N86 for some time, I thought maybe I should go check out a new one to play with. Huh? Did I hear iPhone? iPhone 4? Nah. Maybe because everyone is harping about it … I have always tried not to go near one. Don’t worry … I won’t avoid you if you are using one. It is an awesome piece of equipment but somehow … nevermind. Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t one of… >> read more

Pumping It Up A Little

Written by • Nov 16th, 2009 • Category: Others
Another weekend came and went but unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish a roll on my Gakkenflex and thus I ain’t got no photos to blog about for the weekend. Yeah … I didn’t even touch my digital cam! Saturday was busy with a great pot luck session with some old friends at night. Had a great time with yummy food and for once the whole house was super lively. Fitzand had a busy evening playing with them … and was so tired that he fell asleep right after his… >> read more

Zune HD

Written by • May 29th, 2009 • Category: Others
I must have been living in some cave! I didn’t know Microsoft has this Zune portable media-player that has been out since 2006!!!! Just read that Microsoft announced the new let’s-try-kill-ipod-touch Zune HD and it does look pretty neat. The Zune HD will be using an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) touch screen with a resolution of 480×272. So what’s the HD all about? What it actually means is that there will be a separate dock that allows you to output to a HDTV. Hmm …  now that HD in the… >> read more