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Inside The Cutie

Written by • Feb 22nd, 2010 • Category: Others
I’ve always wondered what’s it like inside the cute FDC01 toy digital camera and since my fingers were pretty itchy today … I decided to carefully open up the camera to peek inside. It wasn’t hard at all, with all the 4 screws securing the outer ‘casing’ easily accessible on both the sides. Within seconds, the little cutie was ‘torn apart’. Here’s what’s inside the FDC01 … Cool? Hahaha! Okay … nothing much to play with inside and I’m not about to brick the camera just yet by trying to… >> read more

New Cute Digital Toy!

Written by • Jan 19th, 2010 • Category: Toys
Cashing in on the toy camera craze, there seems to be more small/tiny cameras appearing in the scene. So far … I think the Digital Harinezumi has done pretty well compared to the rest. The pretty new kids on the block are some very small sized cameras with a boring name … “FDC01”. They come in either blue or red (looks more like pink to me) … and like the VistaQuest cameras … they are supposed to be ‘keychain cameras’. I was told that it is called the ‘SQ28m’ in… >> read more