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Look What I Bagged This Xmas

Written by • Dec 26th, 2009 • Category: Toys
This must be the coolest X’mas ever! I got this present from my wife and she told me to stop using that boring little black camera bag (a small Domke) because it looks so boring. Hahaha! Yay! It’s a Herringbone VOL leather camera bag! Cool! Well she didn’t actually pick it herself but got me to find myself one that I like. Not wanting to spend too much, I settled for a minty used condition one from a photography forum’s buy/sell section. I’ve quite many camera bags in my storeroom,… >> read more


Written by • Aug 14th, 2009 • Category: Others
Been feeling quite bored and depressed the last few days. I do not know why. Tired. Jaded. I’ll be helping a friend shoot her flower arrangements for a competition tomorrow morning and my camera batteries has not been charged yet. Duh! I’ve gotta make sure I remember doing so tonight. Here’s a photo I dug outta my HDD and gave it some post-processing work … Received an email last night from Shutterstock, a micro-stock photo site that I used to upload some of my photos to earn some extra pocket… >> read more