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Here We Go Again …

Written by • Jan 24th, 2011 • Category: Digital stuffs
… it’s Monday and another week of ‘trying-to-stay-alive-at-work’ for me. Weekend zapped past real fast! Weekend as usual … spending most time with Fitzand and since I had to attend a wedding dinner last night … I tried very hard to drain Fitzand’s ‘battery’ as much as possible so that he can take his nap and kick up less fuss when he finds me gone. 😀 Somehow after telling him that I’ll be going out for ‘work’, he seemed to have turn on his turbo mode. Usually he’ll just sleep… >> read more

Harinezumi 2 : A Wedding

Written by • Dec 16th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
This will be the last Harinezumi 2 video from my recent trip to Malaysia. These were taken during my ol’ buddy’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve known each other for ages … maybe when we were around 22 or so. Hahaha! Damn. Time flies! Now we are both on the way to hitting the big number 40 in a couple of years time! I’m so glad for him that he is finally settling down. This probably mean less time at the pubs … just like myself. Muwahahaha! I remember back… >> read more


Written by • May 30th, 2009 • Category: Others
Just received a delivery of this colony of disposable cameras and couldn’t resist taking a photo of them. These are actually for a community/charity event that I agreed to sponsor (the cameras only). It’s always a great thing to share the fun of photography with those less fortunate and I hope the event will be a success. Tentatively the event date will be around mid July and I hope I’ll have time to go join and help out during the day itself. These cameras are actually meant to be distributed… >> read more