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LC-Wide + Instax + Flash!

Written by • Jul 15th, 2011 • Category: Fun with film
I don’t remember anything mentioned in the instruction manual about using flash with the LC-A+/LC-Wide instant back and being a curious fat cat … I mounted the Colorsplash flash on the LC-Wide this evening to see how it performs. It is a little tricky mounting the flash with the Instant Back on (I couldn’t remove the back because I have a pack of film it in) but that’s just a small challenge. I went ‘WHOAAA!’ when I saw the results! It looks a little … or rather … very crazy!… >> read more

Coca Kola?

Written by • Jun 4th, 2010 • Category: Others
UPDATE Sorry for the mistake but I was just informed that the retail price of this product should be around US$12 to US$15. I made a mistake about the pricing when I posted this. Sorry for the confusion. Stay tuned for more test photos. 😀 A package arrived this morning and I was a little surprised because I don’t remember buying any new toy online (unless I did it in my sleep) and in it were some samples of a pretty new product from Thailand … called ‘Kola Manual Color… >> read more

Tokyo 2010 : Analogues 1

Written by • May 1st, 2010 • Category: Fun with film
While I was busy with Fitzand … I somehow was able to squeeze out a few rolls out from my LC-A+. This one is a roll of Sensia III (ISO100) that I bought when I was out shopping with Mijonju. Well I can’t remember if I’ve used Sensia before … so I bought 2 rolls of these to try them out. Got them cross processed and the colors looks pretty neat! Indoor shots seem to have a warmer red color while the outdoor ones look like the usual Sensia colors… >> read more

Don’t Be Naked!

Written by • Mar 26th, 2010 • Category: Others
After seeing how more people are putting some effort to ‘dress up’ their cameras, I decided to start a page in Facebook to house images of the many wonderful, cool, crazy, weird, funky, cute or sometimes bizarre looking cameras … for everyone to enjoy. Was pretty surprised to find that the number of fans hit over a hundred overnight! Photos are coming in real fast too and I do hope these photos can inspire more people to start dressing up their cameras. After all … naked cameras suck! As I’m… >> read more

Digital Inside : Doubles

Written by • Sep 30th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
Left fermenting in my camera for too long, this roll of long expired 24 exposure Solaris film finally get to see the light of day. It took me a while to recall that one particular day when it was raining and I was stuck at home on a weekend … I was cleaning my desk (at home) when I came across a broken old digital camera. I ripped it apart some time ago to check out the ‘internals’ and suddenly a crazy thought of photographing it ran (or crawled) through… >> read more

The End : Video (18SX)

Written by • Sep 15th, 2009 • Category: Digital stuffs
This is a SICK video. Watch at your own risk. I was sick yesterday and since I had to stay home to rest … I got really bored and did this little video. Lighting was bad, camera was lousy (aka Digital Harinezumi) and I was sick. Get it? Anyway … here it goes … Disclaimer : The characters in this tale are fictional. Any similarity to any of you out there … is … ermmm … not my fault. 😀 I’m gonna send this to National Geographic.… >> read more

Mix It Up!

Written by • Sep 13th, 2009 • Category: Fun with film
Finally replenished my Instax Mini film (well … just 2 packs) and since I was feeling a little bored this afternoon when Fitzand was taking his nap … I decided to try this ‘mix it up’ trick. There were times I wondered why didn’t they make multi-colored filters for the normal Diana F+ camera just like what they did for the Multi Pinhole Operator (MPO) … so I decided to mix them up and see how it goes. Here’s the setup … I taped up a selected colored filter onto… >> read more