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After burning some packs of Instax mini film on the Diana F+ Instant Back (check it out here), I thought of putting it to rest for a while before my itchy fingers spend all of Fitzand’s milk powder money. I was wrong. Curiosity killed the fat cat. I loaded a pack of film yesterday to experiment with some stuffs on it. Crazy … I know.

I wanted sprocket holes on my Instax back. I wanted redscale on my Instax back. Crazy? Oh well … at least I tried.

So I cut a strip of exposed negatives, stick it onto the insides of the Instax back and hoped they will turn out fine. I choose a couple of frames from a strip that was a bit messy … hoping by doing that … I can get some crazy wild double exposures. Yeah … that means the shot I take now will ‘double expose’ with the shot that I took ages ago on that particular 35mm strip.

With the strip of negative in it … it will definitely require more light to get a decent exposure. So I mounted the Diana F+ flash and used the red/orange color errmm … what do you call that? Gel? Color filter? Anyway, it’s one of those colored thingie that came with my Diana F+ flash.

So these are the crazy redscale-looking photos with sprocket holes. Hahaha. Yeah I know it’s cheating but hey … it’s real fun!!! I also know that you probably won’t be able to figure out what are in some of the photos above. Muwahaha! Yeah … some are a total chaos but I love em! Gonna take a break before trying out more stuffs with it.

I did try mounting the Instax back on a Holga too! It’s pretty easy to remove the part of the back that attaches to the Diana cameras … and with some black tape … mounting it to a Holga ain’t difficult. Unfortuately after few test shots, I thought maybe I should try it another day. I did use the ‘lens’ thingie that came with the back for the Diana and focusing on the Holga seemed quite okay. Too bad I was too busy and had to try a couple of disappointing shots indoors only. Will update again when I find the time.


  1. waaaa!!! so fast experiment!

  2. You.
    I swear.

  3. u r a crazy fat cat!!!!! im speechless liou…..

  4. @ymmij : Yeah. That’s why I bought the 5 packs of film from you during the weekend 😀

    @arifin : I ain’t incredible. Just itchy fingers 😛

    @norya : Thanks 😀 Also, on behalf of Fitzand … thank you for the stickers and the Madagascar cards 🙂

  5. great experiment unker…:)
    i wonder wat u’ll be up to next!

  6. experiment..

  7. @quaisoi : thanks. Next … I’m gonna try get more sleep. 😀

    @eastmoe : thanks

  8. this is a crazy experiment that turned out so damn good..cheers!

  9. Hi ndroo –

    I’ve been following this web for awhile now and well, your experiments never cease to amaze me (:

    I know this is a bit odd to ask for your mailing address (but no I’m no stalker) – if you have a PO box address could you let me have it?

    Reason is because I know Fitzand loves Madagascar, and I happen to have a Madagascar 2 poster! It’s like 4 A4 sheets put together 2×2 big – I’m no good with dimensions, but . Would like to pass it to you via mail if you like, or else its just going into my recycle bin. Thought it would be a pity.

    Let me know via my email 😀

    Keep up the great work here, always nice to come back and read your entries.

    – Rachel

  10. @Ben : Thank you

    @Rachel : Thanks. OMG! You’re so nice! Yeah … Fitzand will be super duper happy if he sees the poster! I’ll email you my address. 🙂 Thank you so much.

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