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Those who has visited this blog of mine before might remember seeing this blog entry about my search for this teddy bear in yellow clothes …

The trouble tonight is that he got left behind at the childcare! Oh no! Minutes ago Fitzand was looking for it and luckily I reminded the maid to tell him that the bear is in the washing machine ‘taking a bath’. Well if I had not told her that and Fitzand was told that the bear is left behind in the childcare … I’m damn sure he’ll cry like crazy! He didn’t really cry big time … and was more like going ‘yellow bear bear … yellow bear bear … I want yellow bear bear’. That was maybe 3 minutes ago. We quickly gave him his nightly dose of milk and he fell asleep already … but without drinking the milk. He must be upset. 🙁

Guess I must speed up my search for this yellow bear. If you had missed out my ‘wanted’ ad … do check this out.

Anyway … I’ll just hope he won’t wake up later looking for the teddy again. Pray for me …

I’m still struggling to finish ‘shortlisting’ those photos I took of Fitzand during the Hong Kong trip. Managed to add few more to his photo album. Here’s one of him doing the ‘look ma … no sleeve’ magic trick (again) …

I was on half day leave yesterday and today. Why? Let’s talk about today … I was on the way to work and was caught in a massive traffic jam on the expressway. There was an accident involving about maybe 6 or 8 cars but from the looks of the cars … it doesn’t seem to be too serious an accident. Not sure if those victims took too hell long to move their cars to the road shoulder … or was it because of those bloody busybody dumbasses slowing down to ‘watch’ the accident (as usual).

This photo was supposed to be the ‘evidence’ in case my boss doubts my reason

Stuck behind a pickup truck … I managed to get this shot that I pretty like

Duh! I reached my office at about 1015am and decided to take half a day off instead. Ended up having coffee and then an early lunch with a friend eating hotpot. Hahaha. Ya … eating hotpot (spicy!) at 11am.

At first … it looks like some chicken dish with gravy but they’ll add chicken soup into the pot after a while, then you’ll get some yummy spicy soup

Yesterday’s half day leave was because I was helping a friend photograph her beautiful flower arrangement for the International Annual Floral Art submission. It was just about half an hour of actual shoot but we spent almost an hour there … joking and laughing. Haha. Well I won’t be posting photos of the work because she has yet to submit them … but here’s one from a ‘behind the scene’ shot …

No comments about the ass please 😛

I’ve 2 more shots to go in my Lubitel to go before I’m able to send the roll to the lab. I kinda miss film photography … hahaha … yeah … it’s only about a week or two since my last roll.

Here are 3 photos from a recent test roll on my XA2. Too bad I ended up not liking most of the shots … so these 3 are the only ones I decided to scan … duh!

Today is ‘hump day’ (aka Wednesday … the day that brings us closer to the weekend) and I’m looking forward to the next shoot for my friend’s flower arrangement/design on Saturday. One thing before the next shoot … I’ll have to go figure out if my DSLR batteries are dying or are the contacts dirty. The camera will tell me that the batteries are low after a short while. Argh! Maybe they are staging a protest because I’ve not been using the DSLR for some time already.

This photo of a sleeping cat was taken last weekend when I was in Malaysia. Glad I had my compact camera around for some snapshots without having to lug around a DSLR.


  1. heheheh one sleeve magic!!! i like… may b next time bring him tatttoo that armm… before he do that trick again…. LOL

  2. So far there is no sign of your yellow bear bear, been keeping a look out while shopping for my gal. I am also trying identify which is my gal’s buddy so that I can get doubles or triples… is a terror when there is a missing buddy!

  3. Oh, I got stuck at the exact same highway … from 8.10 to 9+ !

  4. hahahah the ghost image is when i adjusting the so call black umbrella…. LOL

  5. @noreen : Hahahaha! If this design made it in … you should go get the umbrella and keep it.

  6. that black umbrella dunno whose leh!!! lol

  7. @noreen : Come to think of it … did we remove it after shoving it at the little window up there? LOL!

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