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I was munching cashew nuts a while ago (with a can of ice cold beer) and something struck my mind. I was suddenly ‘transported’ back to few years ago when I loved ‘messing around’ with food and take photos of them. For a moment … I stared at the nuts and some crazy ideas brewed in my mind. Oh no! I’m not sure if I’ll get into that bad habit of messing with food and taking ‘weird’ photos of them like I used to back then (in 2007).

So I dug these few examples of photos I took back then to see if I am inspired to do more of them. Hmmm. I’ll have to do things a little different now if I wanna take photos like these. I can’t let Fitzand see me doing them, else the next time I tell him not to play with his food … he’ll probably definitely ignore me.

I can’t remember what on earth was I thinking when I did this photo above. Hahaha. It definitely looks like a big mess but I do remember eating each and every piece of what you see in the photo (except the thread used to tie the cross).

This was taken at a friend’s house while waiting for him to cook dinner. The claws were meant to be cooked the next day in some soup thingie. Luckily I wasn’t going there the next day. I remember getting some comments like ‘are you crazy?’ and ‘that is horrible! that is scary!’. Hmmm.

The most ‘harmless’ shot of the lot. A bunch of very delicious tomatoes (I love em!).

This one above is one of the few that I took as a series that I titled ‘Corn Job’. I have the set converted to black & white, framed and hung in my room.

Sometimes I really hate looking at these old photos. They remind me how much time has passed but on the other hand … they always ‘re-inspire’ me to come up with some other ideas. Let’s see if I have time to do something this weekend.


  1. like the tomato too.. … like a floral art piece

  2. and i notice the notify me follow up comment … hahahah

  3. do it!

  4. @norya : Thanks. Yeah … the tomatoes tastes as good as they look. Yum! Yum! As for the notify for follow up comments, thanks for bringing that up. I totally forgot about it after removing it from my blog template long time ago.

    @ymmij : I wanna do it but I’ll need to find time. 😀

  5. Wooo….I love the tomatoes! But….but…but the chicken feet is…………hmmmmmm……..scary!

  6. i have a wierd unker who loves playing with food.

  7. @Jer : The chicken feet will crawl into your room tonight. Muwahaha! Be very afraid!

    @Hannah : When are you comin back? We go booze! 😛

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