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Minutes ago I came back to my computer to see a friend who left me a message on my MSN Messenger. It said … ‘Long weekend and you didn’t update your blog? Busy making videos?’. Hahaha! I skipped an appointment this evening so I can concentrate on some stuffs … and now that I’m reminded about my blog … okay … so that got me writing this entry. Since I do not really know how to write a blog entry without some photos, I decided to pick a few random ones I took these few days.

It has been quite a busy 3 days off (since today is a public holiday), and apart from spending lots of time with Fitzand … I was very busy doing all sorts of stuffs. Took a couple of photos and short video clips in between the other important tasks but yet to go through them.

Fitzand enjoying his yummies before we went out shopping. He lost a little bit of weight after a few days of tummy problem. He’s super okay now and has been munching like normal.

Fitzand loves watching lion dance and when we let him choose his lantern … we were not surprised he grabbed this one.

One thing for sure is I might not be able to take as many photos soon … because I’m dedicating my time on some other important stuffs that I won’t be able to mention here (yet), but I will definitely be making sure this blog of mine gets updated regularly. For those few people who know what I’m working on … thanks for all the feedback and support. I’ll buy you guys beer when it is all on track.

A photo I took yesterday from my window when it was drizzling. Somehow the bad weather plus maybe the crappier resolution at max tele with my SX1 … made this something I personally quite like. It has a little bit of ‘effect’ that looks like a painting eh? 😀

Another shot from my window … this time with the E-P1 and a cheap IR filter I found in eBay. Looks like the cam can do pretty decent IR but I’ve yet to figure out how to use the ‘One Touch White Balance’ thingie to do a custom white balance to get those colored IR photos (after channel swapping). That is the reason why this photo looks like someone just painted the whole town red.

Come 1st October … most definitely there will be a new ‘me’. Less time (or even none) having fun with beer, more time executing my plans and perhaps take up a part-time course or two.

We bought two of these Japanese peaches for Fitzand. They are super yummy but don’t come cheap. Each of them cost us S$20 but then … it was worth every cent. I remember spending lots of money on these peaches and other fruits when we were holidaying in Hokkaido some years ago.

That’s all for now. I am working on another Digital Harinezumi video but since I want to make this one a little bit more ‘funky’ and stretch it all the way to match the length of a song … I’ll need many more mini video clips to complete it. Hahaha. Maybe it will be ready in a month or two?


  1. warhhhhhhh!!!!! sound like u got a huge plan behind!!!! good!!!

  2. @norya : I was just lucky that recent months things were workin out well and thus i decided to put in extra ‘boost’ to it. lol. how r things on ur end? sorted out already?

  3. mine long way to go…. faint…… lol…. we shall all boost togeter!!!!!!

  4. I like the pic of the trees in bishan park! Interesting how such mundane thing we see everyday can be so picturesque. Btw, the peach is really dear. It reminds me of the japanese honeydew that costs a bomb! Have you tried before?

    P/S: that friend must be a big fan of yours! 😉

  5. @cyanwater : Thanks. Glad you like it too. I had about 3 shots of the similar scene. I have been wanting to take pics of this scene but had been putting off doing so for few reasons. First was lighting. It was only during certain time of the day that the shadows will look nicer … secondly due to the fact that I’ve gotta go grab my SX1 and load it with AA batteries because I no longer own any tele lens for my DSLR … and lastly because I’m always too lazy to do so. 😀

    As for the Japanese honeydew … yeah … I’ve tried that. I love that lots too. Together with their pricey watermelon, it was slice after slice when I was in Hokkaido. Isn’t it strange almost all the best (tangible) things in life are never free … but comes at a premium price? Grrrr!

    P/S: Yeah … that was a big fan of mine who throws me flowers and undies from her apartment when I’m out drinking beer at Canopy 😀

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