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Just the other day, a friend was trying to tell me that time seems to be flying fast than ever … because of some stuffs that I can’t comprehend (or give a damn). All I know is the darn weekends do zoom past like there is no tomorrow! Argh! Here I am behind my computer … blogging (and bitching) about another weekend gone by … but I’m sure from tomorrow onwards (Monday!) … time behind the desk will be crawling slower than ever. 🙁

Yesterday was the World Toy Camera Day and despite my ‘action packed’ schedule, I managed to shoot 2 rolls of film but yet to get them developed. Apart from that, I was testing out my E-P1 and the Lumix 20mm combo all the time. I find the performance of this lens very good (will write more about that later in another entry) but the auto focus speed when paired with the E-P1 is slow. Yeah … much slower than the E-P1’s 28mm pancake lens. Not too big a problem for me except then photographing my little boy (though I think I did pretty well in some shots of him today … will post them later).

Bokeh is pretty neat! I ain’t one that go all out to get nice blurred background (yeah … I’m more into blurred foreground! LOL!) and bokeh stuffs but since I’m trying out the lens … I thought I might throw in some of these. 😀

Not sure why the hell I took this one but I kinda like the clouds. Hahaha! Anyway, it goes to show that the 20mm ain’t good for landscapes if you are a wide angle freak. 😛

Rendang meat and fried vegetables that I cooked for dinner last night. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the herbal chicken soup. Hahaha.

… and below are some photos taken today at the Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub when I was there with my family and friends. It is one of my favorite place to grab some beer as well as delicious yummies.

We all had a great time there … eating, drinking and laughing and Fitzand was having fun dancing to the music and ermm … entertaining the cute waitresses. Duh!

Mussels, tenderloin cubes, beef stew and fish & chips!

They even provided ‘entertainment’ for kids. Fitzand had a great time coloring with these crayons.

Of course not forgetting the cold, smooth, creamy, yummy … Kilkenny!

Maybe I had one too many beer (and food) … now I feel a little bit bloated. *BURP!* Oops! Damn. Hope I can still fit into my working pants tomorrow. Soon I think I’ll have enough spare tyres around me to give the 16-wheeler trucker a peace of mind. Brrrr …. burp!


  1. You cooked! wow!

  2. @irorus : Hahaha! Yeah. I cook. I am usually the one who cook @ home.

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