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Last week we had the opportunity to go for a short open-top bus ride along Orchard Road to view the Christmas lightings. Fitzand was going ‘yahooo! yippeee!’ all the way and I was busy trying to get some decent shots on the moving bus. I had my Lensbaby Composer with me and used a custom aperture disc like what I did last year for some fun and cool photos. Somehow I ended up with only two photos that I like. Maybe after the bunch of photos last year that are of the similar idea, I got bored.

I was doing housekeeping on my hard drive when I stumbled upon this very short little video (I think taken with my phone cam) that I took when Fitzand was 5 days old. Yeah! Hahaha! It was just like yesterday!

I can’t help but smile when I see this video. Well I don’t have much video clips of him because I’m more of a photo person. He will turn 3 on the 5th January next year and looking back … it has been almost 3 wonderful and happy years watching him grow. Of course there will be some frustrating, bone aching and worrying times included.

After watching the video above … now try see how the little one has grown and is trying to sing like Kurt Cobain …

The childcare that Fitzand attends will be having a Christmas ‘party’ for the kiddos on the 23th December and we will have to bring a present for him (without him knowing) that day and Santa will be handing out the presents during the ‘party’. Hmm. Looks like Santa is gonna get all the credit for buying the toys! Haha. Anyway … since I will be on a week long break to Malaysia from this weekend … I found time to buy Fitzand a Christmas present and it’s all wrapped up nicely and tucked in the store room.

I found this pretty cool V.Smile Motion thingie that reminds me of the Wii. Well I ain’t one who play games and so an actual Wii is out of the question. This one will definitely get Fitzand so happy and excited when he sees it. It comes with one cartridge filled with some games etc but I bought an extra educational game with the Lion King’s characters. Fitzand loves Sinba and all those cute characters in it.

V.Smile Motion is a brand new educational video gaming system for pre-schoolers. The active learning system is easy to use and simply hooks up to the TV. The special movement detecting wireless controller allows motion-activated play, encouraging children to get up and be active as they learn and interact with their favourite characters. V.Smile Motion comes with an Action Mania Learning Game, which includes sports based activities such as tennis, car racing andΒ  bobsledding. Entertaining graphics and engaging game play are combined with age-appropriate curriculum designed to make learning fun.


  1. Very happy and nice xmas-y photos! πŸ™‚

  2. ndroo…you know the rule…no drum kit for a present OK?


  3. @Reiz : Thanks

    @Ta : OMG! How’d you know? He actually asked me for one a couple of months ago! Hahaha! We were at this mall and he saw one at a shop display. It was a yellow colored drum set. Not those for toddlers but those real ones for bigger kids. OMG. Hahaha. It costs like S$450!!! Well maybe I’ll get one for him when he’s older but not now. Haha. He has a set of cymbals (small ones) and that’s enough to create some big time chaos sometimes. I’ll avoid letting him watch those rock/metal concert DVDs with me for a while … in case he gets reminded of the drum set.

  4. adorable.. when can i have mine

  5. @Mijonju : It’s simple. Put down those darn cameras for a few hours and go work hard! Muwahahaha! Remember … no ‘filter’ on your ‘lens’! πŸ˜€

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