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We will be celebrating the World Pinhole Day this year on the 25th April 2010. Unfortunately I will be away for a week then and thus won’t be able to be shooting pinhole that day. Hmm. Ok … maybe I’ll try to … but it’s hell shooting pinhole on vacation without a tripod and having to let your family wait for you. Hahaha!

Anyway, I did a pre-WPD 2010 shoot using my modified Holga WPC that I’ve not been using a for a long long time. This is one fun camera (the WPC) when used outdoors in the sun. Exposure times can be as short as 5 to 10 seconds on a sunny day (with ISO100 film) and this makes shooting with a pinhole camera a lot less pain in the ass (I don’t have much patience).

I sort of screwed up at advancing the film because halfway through, I forgot how much I should advance the film. By right it should be 3 full circles but my old brain went kaput and told me that it is 2 full circles. That caused some of the frames to be overlapped. Duh! Argh! Damn!

When I collected the roll from the lab, the guy had a couple of film strips on the table … along with a pair of scissors. He looked at me and said ‘Okay … how do you wanna cut it?’. Hahaha! So I simply snapped the strip into two and told him I’m okay with it. He must be thinking I’m mad … I know. The colors seem way too dull in this roll of expired Superia 100. Zzzzzz …

Guess what is the subject in the photo above? 😀

As I’ve been too busy to go out shooting, a lot of these were shot indoors and gauging the exposure time was quite a mess. I suck at these … so it was a lot of praying involved. 😀 I didn’t have a tripod with me most of the time and thus you can see some crazy fuzzy stuffs in them.

For those who missed out my old blog entry on how I did this mod … you can check it out here. I’ll be loading a roll of black & white film soon and hopefully be able to get some better results. For the photos in this roll, I decided to not scan them with the sprocket holes because of those way too distracting color thingie at the side of the film strip (near the sprocket holes).


  1. i should get my holga pinhole working again..

  2. @Mijoju : Yeah! Time for some pinhole action!

  3. ok will shoot pinhole that day! 🙂

  4. @lawry : That’s great!

  5. Guess what is the subject in the photo above?

    !!!! Dentist?!!!

  6. @Qiaozhi : Are you serious? Hahaha! You really think I’d setup a pinhole camera while the dentist has big fun putting some sharp objects in my mouth? 😀 Anyway … that’s actually the inside of a water bottle I have at work. I just placed the pinhole cam facing down (facing bottom of bottle) and left it there for some time. 😀

  7. I should be getting ready for my matchbox again. No choice for Diana F+ it’s broken D:

  8. oh… haha. gosh.

  9. @ethermoon : I’m sure a matchbox pinhole is cooler than the pinhole on Diana F+. Btw … what happened to your Diana?

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