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Fitzand was taking a dump after dinner … before I gave him a bath and suddenly he told me that he wanted to sing. Hahaha! Okay … that’s perfectly okay. Jokingly I asked if he’d like me to video him singing in the toilet and he immediately said ‘Yes! Yes!’. OMG! I started laughing but he insisted that I go grab my camera and so I made a quick dash for the cam and ermm … made a little video. 😀 He was singing some song from the Handy Manny cartoon and I suppose most of the words are in Spanish. I know the ‘Uno Dos Tres’ part about counting but I lost track (I don’t speak Spanish!) a couple of words later. 😛 The song ain’t this ‘rock-ish’ but I guess the usual sessions of sitting with me watching Metallica gave him the capability to rock it! 😛

Okay … here it is … presenting a video on how to solve your constipation problems in less than 2 minutes …


  1. YOU CAN DO I!! Offsprings? i forgot the band, amazing!! haha Fitzand is a born star! haha! adorable!

  2. LOL the last part is so funny@!

  3. LOL so funny!! the last part

  4. @Mijonju : Yeah … that’s Offspring. 😀

  5. Hhahahhahahahha FEENEESH..

  6. hahhahahahhaa.. thanks for sharing!! made me L.O.L!

  7. The last part so cute…with tht innocent face he released……….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. @Cynthia : LOL! Yeah … FEEEENEEEEISH!!!

    @irorus : Glad you like it. LOL!

    @kristine : After all the singing and yakking … the ‘results’ came. 😀

  9. LOL!!!

  10. LOLOLOLOLOL…. MAD CUTE!!!! so funny!!! the last part…. hahahahahaha

  11. @noreen : Thanks. Yesterday evening when he was taking a dump … he said he wanna sing for cam again. OMG. LOL!

  12. hahaha, sing we are the champions 🙂 he can do funny expressions for the guitar solo

  13. @Mijonju : Maybe I’ll try that next. 😀

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