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After seeing the beautiful weather yesterday, I promised to bring Fitzand to the beach today but I woke up to find that it was raining cats and dogs and cows and goats! Well it wasn’t that bad already (the rain) after breakfast and we decided to go ahead with the trip to the beach and pray real hard that the sun will come in full blast after lunch.

We slacked at the beach bar … munching some pizzas, chicken wings and … ermm … beer … and waited patiently for the drizzle to stop. Luckily it was okay to be playing at the beach soon and we spent the rest of the day there and crawled home after dinner. As lighting wasn’t good for ‘risky’ cameras like the Spinner or the Tolne, I didn’t get to fire much shots. To cure my itch (for pressing shutter buttons), I just took some snapshots of Fitzand at play.

If only it was beer being dispensed. 😀 I’ll be hogging the tap for hours.

That emo look! Must be wondering if he’ll get to play at the beach.

My boss … slacking away and waiting for the rain to stop.

Fitzand and his ‘plastic smile’. Hahaha! Sorry for the cool blue cast on these photos. I somehow love them this way. Not sure why though. Maybe because the Monday blues arrived a little too early.

This next one was taken when we were about to leave. It was really funny. Fitzand didn’t dare get himself wet (at the fountain) because he knew he already had 2 change of clothings. He kept looking at his mommy and asked ‘got clothes? got clothes?’. Hahaha! He was darn worried that he might have to go home naked if he gets his clothes wet again!

* Click on the pic below for a larger sized one …


  1. so cute…. he seems to grow bigger each time i see his picture…. and BEER DISPENSED… u DREAM!!!!

  2. Nice family activity!!! 😀 Where is the beach? Sentosa?

  3. @noreen : Hahaha! He says he’s a big boy now! I still remember when he was much younger … you two were running outside Novena … playing bubble guns! 😛

    @Jer : Yeah in Sentosa.

  4. hehe…

    Noreen can be babysitter hor? 😛

  5. @nelly : She’s quite good at doing so. Hmm. Or rather … they are both kids that can get along pretty well. 😀

  6. hmmmm…droo, you just gave me a great idea! wahahaha

  7. @nelly : Get Noreen to babysit? LOL! I have proof that she’s good …

  8. Hehehehe,…let’s plan an outing for our boys and ask Noreen along! 😛

    (she’s so gonna kill me!! wahahaha!)

  9. @nelly : Hahahaha! That’s so evil! Her darling will charge you extra for your next purchases.

  10. no wat…more pple to play, then fun what right???
    o/w the boys always play with the same old people (us!) also will get bored. 😛

  11. @nelly : Hahahahahahahahahaha! You evil!

  12. awwww! so sweet. Noreen is so good in babysitting! 😀

  13. @evaeva : Yeah. She does a darn good job at babysitting Jim too. 😀

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