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It is a public holiday today but the weather was pretty yucky for any outdoor activities and thus we decided to spend the day at home … slacking, playing and doing (almost) nothing. I decided to cook something simple for dinner and ‘hired’ a little assistant … and took some snapshots of him at work.

It was simple spirals with mushroom, bacon and eggs (specially added for Fitzand) for dinner.

I had to keep an eye on this assistant of mine as I knew I might realise there ain’t nothing left to cook in the end.

He told me to cook it again soon … but I know he’s after the fun of assisting me!

After dinner … instead of the usual crayon/paint stuffs  … he asked me for the typewriter. Noreen gave this typewriter to me last week because I told her that I was looking for one to let Fitzand have a feel of the real deal. iPad and such are cool but I don’t want Fitzand to grow up not knowing what the cool old stuffs are about. Hahaha!

His first encounter with this new toy of his was this morning and he was super excited … touching every part of it and trying to figure out how it works. I think he loves it. Hahaha. Thank you, Noreen!

As expected … the first thing he typed … was his name. 😀

He got curious about why there is a ‘ding!’ sound when he presses certain keys and after some ‘investigation’ … he found out where the sound came from and (grrr!) now knows how to manually sound the little bell.

* This entry was supposed to be published last night but due to some stuff I drank after dinner, I fell into a coma after Fitzand fell asleep. Woke up in a shock realizing that I didn’t manage to complete this blog entry, watch a DVD and eat my favourite chips before going to bed. Grrr!

The ‘culprit’ that sent me to bed a bit too early. Grrrr!


  1. little chef at work! I like!

  2. nx time can ask fitz to cook breakfast for us!!! hahahah and welcome on that typewriter…. was LOL when i read he found the “DING”

  3. @cyanwater : Thanks 🙂

    @noreen : Sure! You bring Jim over … we drink til next morning and in the morning … Fitz will cook breakfast for us. LOL!

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