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Some friends once told me that if they see me whipping out my camera during meals … trying to photograph the food … that will mean that I’m getting restless, bored or simply need to go burn some rolls of film (ASAP). The recent couple of months has been pretty super sucky at work and thus I’ve not much mood to shoot much. 🙁 Damn. I’m mentally super tired from all that stuff and luckily in exactly a week from now … I’ll be on a plane for a week break to Taiwan. I’m really looking forward to the break and hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the time off and then crawl back for more hell at work. Anyway, here are some random food shots I took today (and a few from last weekend) … all taken with my trusty compact GRD3. 😀

I was getting fat(ter) just now munching some pork knuckles and gulping Oktoberfest beer but there ain’t no photos to post because I was too distracted by the … ermmm … beer. 😀 Perhaps the beer is keeping me hyper now and despite the fact that I’m dead tired … I can’t go to sleep yet. 🙁

So let’s see what I can post here to try ‘complete’ this blog entry (a bit). Hmm. Let’s see what I did lately. Hmm.

Oh! After quite a long break from having to spend money on plastics (aka Diana F+ clones), finally there is one more to add to my collection. I remember there was a time when Lomography seemed to have gone crazy and were churning out the clones like non-stop and then after they stopped doing so for a while … ermm … honestly I seemed to miss having a new clone to buy. Okay … I might sound stupid buying plastics but ermm … it ain’t that bad a hobby. Right? 😀

Here’s the special edition made for Urban Outfitters … the Parisian! It is available for pre-order in the Urban Outfitters online store and someone (you know who you are!) has joined me in the pre-order. 😀

A couple of days ago I also stocked up some 120 film that I thought is pretty reasonably priced. Every now and then I’ll start asking myself why am I not shooting much 120 film and thus decided it is time to replenish the ‘food’ for my Holga/Diana. Perhaps I should burn some of these during my trip next week.

Sorry if the pic quality (above) sucks. It was taken with my phone that other day.

Next is just a snapshot I took with a compact just now when Fitzand was having fun ‘driving’ outside the mall …

Hmm … looks like I’m outta idea on what to blog about. Hahahaha! I’ll click ‘Publish’ now and then maybe wait an hour to finish ripping a couple of CDs before going to bed. I actually finished ripping them but realised (!!!) that I set the format to MP3 instead of the Apple Lossless format that I want. Duh!


  1. why must put “you know who you are” ARH???

  2. Since we now know who the “you know who you are” is … some of the film mentioned above … are hers too. Muwahahaha!

  3. Can’t wait for my trip back to hometown next week too.
    I haven’t been able to shoot these days with all the meaningless assignments and exams.

  4. @Bone : Hahaha! Happy shooting!

  5. @Bone: happy shooting…just wanna say that when you find that you are finally rid of meaningless assignments and exams, there will be more meaningless things lying around to get you in life…hahahah

    @droo: thanks ah!

  6. @nelly : ” there will be more meaningless things lying around to get you in life” <– like 'work'??? 😀

  7. droo, you know what I mean since you’ve been around longer than I am… 😛

  8. @nelly : No I don’t. LOL! Nothing is meaningless as long as there are cameras to buy and photos to take. Mwauahah! I’ve been around longer and I definitely know that. BTW I’ve told Cindy that you want her to reserve a pink Diana Mini for you. She’ll buzz you when it arrives. Meaningless no more! >:D

  9. WTH!!! You are really acting like a pimp…CAMERA PIMP!! WAHAHAHA

  10. @nelly : I am just spreading the love. >:D

  11. Message received. Over.

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