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About 12 hours  from now and I’ll be (reluctantly) leaving this place. A little too tired to type much now but following the ‘tradition’ of my earlier streetshooting set in Tokyo (here, here, here & here) … I will end this short vacation with some street photos taken with the E-P1 in the ‘grainy black & white’ mode … and just resized for web.

I always love the thrill of street shooting. No … not with a long lens hiding from far but to go real close to the ‘action’ for some (risky) fun.

I simply love street shooting with this mode, this lens (20mm Lumix lens) and the camera (in this case, I decided (very last minute) to bring along the E-P1 instead of my E-PL1). However, I still prefer the E-PL1 for street shooting because of the (lesser) weight that allows me to shoot with one hand most of the time.

The rest of the set …


  1. I’m loving it! 😀

  2. Great series!!!

  3. @Wei Jie : Thank you & Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

    @Jer : Thank you too.

  4. no one scold u!!!! ah pek… why u take pic of me… hahaha

  5. @noreen : It takes a bit of getting used to (shooting people this way) and also some ermm … skill to ‘act blur’. LOL!

  6. hahahaha then u are very skillful!!!! and i did not spam… seriously im not even drinking….

  7. @noreen : Hahahaha! Well I’ve always loved street photography and I guess thru the years I’ve got used to it already. So far there was only once … in London … I got told (very seriously) by a guy holding a sign that I should not be taking photo of him. Hahaha! Luckily I did not get my butt kicked by the (very) big guy. Maybe I’ll change the anti-spam images below to something more colorful … to help you identify them better. LOL

  8. dun do it especially for me leh.. hahahhaa

  9. @noreen : Hahaha! I have long wanted to use some other more colorful/fun looking images but … haven’t found the time. 🙁

  10. hahahaha…. im sure u are very busy… so many things so little time yeah

  11. Fantastic tone.

  12. @doublechin : Thank u, master! I have no choice but to use in cam mode coz u have yet to teach me pro PS skills. Ok … i admit … i m just lazy. Lol

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