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Weeks to go before Fitzand turns 4. Time really flies eh? I wanted to take a few snaps of him with his new toy gun … and asked if he’d like to have his photos taken. He looked at me for a while and ran to my room … went to my desk … reached for my Instanx Mini cam (that he saw a couple of nights ago) and picked it up. I knew some film were gonna be burned. *sweat*. Here are some self-portraits by him …

This one below is the only one he let me take …

After little Mr Trigger Happy was done … I told him it was my turn to snap him … but out of Instax film … I had to do it digitally …


  1. so cute when he pose for you… some angry face too…

  2. Love love love the first picture!!! Future camwhore hohoho.

  3. @noreen & Cynthia : Thank you. 🙂 I’ve gotta go hide my Instax cam in the drawer now. I can’t imagine what the damage will be if he wants to fire a pack of film every single day. :O

  4. i know… can try to make a pack of film out from the recycle instax that u already burn… this way he can shoot over and over again… just waste battery only.. LOL

  5. @noreen : But the trouble will be way bigger when he doesn’t see the photo appearing! Hahaha! Your trick will work maybe a couple of years ago but now … he knows!!!

  6. he went for course with Ruru ah? But i think he’ll soon surpass the master…er…mistress herself!

  7. @nelly : Lol! Ruru is offering degree coursed in PSC now. Plastic Smile Camwhoring. I wanna sign up too!

  8. neber jio me to go class…..hmpfh!

  9. @nelly : You can enroll for the next class. 😛

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