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I woke up from a short nap just now and since Fitzand was still in dreamland … I suddenly had the idea of capturing some photos of stuffs in his room. He’s almost 4 now and I’m sure it won’t be too long before all the stuffs (ie. toys & stickers) etc are replaced with some other toys for older kids (don’t scare me by saying ‘gadgets & cameras’) and the Mickey & friends posters might be replaced with some rock star posters (boybands not really welcomed :P). Bikini babes? Ermm … maybe much later, ok? 😀

Yeah … a small sample of the mess we’ve to help clear up. His teachers told us that he’ll help clear up the mess after playing with toys in school but at home … he’ll tell us to help him do it. Who’s the boss??!!!

I know I could always take these ‘for the record’ photos digitally and Photoshop them to death but since I’ve not touched an analogue camera today … that could be the antidote for the day.

He recently told us that he doesn’t need diapers during bedtime anymore. Yay! Cost cutting time!

Yup. Toys & stuffs are shoved anywhere possible.

The big ‘canvas’ I let him have. Stickers & stuffs.

More vehicles than the construction site downstairs … duh!

What was suppose to be his bed is now bed for a pile of ‘friends’.


  1. Wow…toys management is definitely not easy, I am having a headache over it right now!

    I can see the nice view of your windows again….so envy…

  2. @Jer : Are you referring to your toys or your girl’s toys? 😀

  3. nice wall… hahahahaha

  4. @noreen : Hahaha! Some of the stickers were contributed by you. 😀

  5. whoa! how many packs burned?? 😛

  6. @nelly : Nah. Just burned the last 9 from a pack I loaded some weeks ago. 😀 What about you? 😀

  7. hahahaha…..

  8. It’s my girl’s toys…so scary

  9. so cute so cute! (:

    you should be the boss..

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