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Fitzand loves spending time at his grandparents’ place in Malaysia and since the childcare was closed last Friday, a trip to Malaysia for a long(er) weekend seemed to be a good idea. He had lots of fun playing there and my mom was saying that Fitzand needs a haircut. Perhaps trim a little on all sides. Hmm. Despite hearing the ‘horror stories’ of how I struggled/sweat to convince him to let me trim his hair … how I only manage to snip off a small part (of the hair) at a time before he starts moving/struggling etc … my great mom wanted to have a go (at giving Fitzand a haircut).

Of course I agreed! The best part was that he immediately said ‘No haircut!’ the moment my mom told him about it. So I had to use my great CONvincing skills and got him to sit on a cute chair … put on a ‘costume’ (‘cool giraffe’) and waited for his grandma to ‘start work’.

Don’t get fooled by the first photo (above). Things weren’t that ‘simple’ Here are some ‘snapshots’ of the ‘action’. I was laughing like a madman and taking some snapshots of the ‘drama’. 😛

As expected … he was moving and turning etc and my mom gave up after trimming the hair a little. She told me to try continue where she left off after I am back in Singapore. Luckily the haircut seems pretty okay now and I’ll see if I got enough mood/stamina/inspiration to do it this coming weekend.

If the above photos are still not enough ‘evidence’ of the headache I face each time his hair grows too long … these last two shots should give a slightly better picture …


  1. Haha…so funny!!!

  2. Ah!! So cuuuute!!

  3. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hahah Thanks Fitzand! Mijonju gonna do the same 🙂

  5. @mijonju : I saw your new hairstyle! LOL! Maybe you should post a photo of yourself here now. 😀 Next time … fly me to Tokyo and I’ll cut your hair this same style … for free. 😀

  6. He is sooooooo cute and adorable! :DDD

  7. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. super adorable!! 😀

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