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I has been a while since I shot any other subject except Fitzand on digital and I just had to give my cam some warming up during my trip to Malaysia last weekend. Somehow I only managed a few shots and here they are …

Yeah … yeah … yeah … I know … nothing too interesting but that’s about all I could do. Gonna spend the rest of the night working on a ‘dressed up’ Holga that I promised to do for a friend. We agreed on an idea that somehow seemed easy in the beginning but later on … I found that it is quite a darn difficult task. Somehow the material wasn’t really what I thought it will be and I’ve to put in lots of effort to try get it up by Christmas. Oh man … did someone say that Christmas is just 4 days away? I’m dead meat! LOL! Okay … I’ll do my best since this little ‘project’ will bring in some money for charity. No photos of the partly completed work though. A sneak peek might be possible later on. 😀 Why? Ermm … according to that friend … some of the photos … ‘are not suitable for minors’. 😛 I’ll keep you guessing! 😛


  1. shot of kitty – very sweeeeee…………..

  2. @nelly : There were two of them. One a little darker. Fitzand wanted to bring them home and I asked what if their mommy look for them later. He told me ‘Oh then bring mommy cat home too!’. *faint*

  3. I love the shot of the kitty! The kitten looks so sassy! As though he’s challenging you to shoot him in a good pose 😀

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