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It is Valentine’s Day today as well as wifey’s birthday. As we do not usually bother celebrating birthdays (except when I need an excuse to gather friends to gulp beer) … we had a simple dinner at a Thai restaurant. After the dinner … I told Fitzand that it is his mommy’s birthday and he was super excited. He made a dash for his mommy and said ‘Mommy! It is your birthday today! I buy you a cake!!!’. Hahahaha! Guess he was excited about the cake instead. So we agreed to pick up a small cake to bring home.

On the way home … he told us ‘I think this is my birthday. Mommy … next time only is your birthday … ok?’. Hahaha! Guess mommy’s birthday got hijacked!

I just managed a couple of snapshots before the little one started enjoying the cake …

Since the was the one who was going to ‘buy’ the cake … Fitzand got to decide on the cake to buy. Ermm … Lesson #293881837 : Do not let kids choose your birthday cake! LOL! Okay … so this time it is Thomas … and I’m very worried that when it comes to my birthday (next month!) … he might pick a Hello Kitty one for me. :O

Well … as long as the little one is happy … a Thomas train cake will do fine. 😀

Since I’ve started this entry … I thought I might as well add in a bit more stuff that I didn’t feel like starting a new blog entry for (lazy!). As I’ve mentioned before, Fitzand is a super big fan of the lion dance. Since he was about 2 years old, he’s been bugging me to bring him to watch lion dance performances and now that he’s 4 years old and weigh 20kg+ … it ain’t really an easy task to let him sit on my shoulders to watch the performances. It is still okay during the Lunar New Year because those performances last for only a short while. The killing ones are those lion dance competitions where they have tons of different teams performing. Anyway … my old bones survived (so far).

As we didn’t wanna block the others, I was sitting on the floor with Fitzand sitting on one of my fat lap. I managed a couple of shots (with one hand) and ended up with a numb leg after that.

Last weekend I found out that there was a lion dance performance at a mall and of course I brought the #1 fan there. He was delighted! It was even more fun (for him) when I caught an orange that the ‘lion’ threw our way. 😀 Fitzand ate the orange and has been telling me that finally the ‘lion’ gave him an orange. LOL! Not sure if I did mention in my recent entries … Fitzand did ask me to buy him something lately. I asked what was it that he wanted. He said ‘lion dance poles’. :O OMG! He wanted those poles that the ‘lions’ dance & perform on! LOL! I had a big laugh and of course … no poles allowed! 😀

I just realised someone signed my guestbook today and it was the 100th guestbook entry! I’ll end this entry with a big THANK YOU to everyone for your support and friendship through these years. I know I ain’t good at writing … and I’m pretty amazed I’ve been able to keep this blog alive for number of years already. 😀




  1. poles! pole dancing?!? Droo, WHAT were you thinking??!?! 😛
    Happy Birthday, Connie!! Hope you like the watch that you got. It’s a beautiful piece indeed!

  2. @nelly : Pole dancing? Hahaha! Remember I told you how I was happily watching the hot babes doing the pole dancing at the Pit Stand last Saturday … while Fitz was banging away on the drum demo? 😀 LOL!

  3. Awesome photography!

  4. @jfook : Thank you.

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