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Since my last blog entry about the Toy Lens from SLR Magic, I got some requests for more sample photos and also a couple of questions … asking if I do find it fun. I decided to give up trying to write a review about this lens because … ermm … I can’t write well … I ain’t good at doing reviews … and ermmm …. I will just end up saying ‘Buy this lens! It is fun!’. 😀

Focal length : 26mm (52mm on m4/3)
Aperture : f1.4 – f8.0
Center sharpness : Good (if you focus properly)
Corner sharpness : You won’t want any
Swirly bokeh : Yes!!!
Cute lens : Yes!!!
Fun : Yes!!!
Should you buy? : Yes!!!
Price : Slightly more than a hundred bucks (US$)
Where to get one : SLR Magic’s eBay store

What I love about it :

1. Fun! Fun! Fun!

What I hate about it :

1. Manual focus makes my old fuzzy eyeballs … even worse!
2. There should be a black ring included with those striking colored ones. Why? The colored ones attract too much attention!

The bright f1.4 lens does help lots when it comes to low light scenes!

This toy lens sure offers lots of room for fun and creative ways of shooting!

Being able to shoot pretty close to the subject (minumum focusing distance is 0.3m) makes this lens an all-rounder!

I love shooting wide open with this lens but it is pretty tricky when trying to photograph my little boss. One little move from him and the focus will be way out. Still … I managed some decent shots. 😀

Swirly bokeh aplenty!

So what are you waiting for? 😀


  1. 🙂 Excellent review, Andrew….nearly made me buy another one…

  2. Good reviews and damn good photos!!!
    Bad for my pocket 🙁

  3. @Ta : Thanks. Hey stop pulling my leg (or I’ll start pulling your hair!).

    @Irorus : I am darn sure you have an E-P1. Right? Getting a Toy Lens to go with it? I’m sure your E-P1 will love you to death for it! 😀

  4. After ordering it on Friday afternnon, the lens arrived just now. It’s much smaller than I imagined, and so light!

    I was originally thinking of buying a Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, but after reading your last post, I’m quite glad I got this lens instead. How did you discover such a gem? :0

    Anyway, no time to play with it properly until the weekend, unfortunately. 🙁
    So looking forward to this weekend, so I can have a good play with it. 🙂

  5. @MeshForce : Yeah I was surprised that it is even smaller than the Pentax CCTV lens that I have. Really fun and cool. You shouldn’t compare it with the Panasonic 20mm though. Hahaha! I love that 20mm and they are from a totally different category. 😀 One is an awesome toy lens and the other is an awesome bright (and sharp) lens. How did I come across this lens? Go ask the person who first replied in this entry … how she poisoned me. Grrrrr! Hahaha! Have fun with the lens!

  6. this post screams “POISON!!!!!!!”

  7. It’s really FUN!!! BUY!!! Thank goodness I don’t own the micro4/3!

  8. @nelly : No. It screams ‘BUY! NELLY, BUY!!!’ 😀

    @cyanwater : I’ll post those photos you took yesterday morning … later today. 😀 You should get a m4/3 cam after you get the X100. Ok? 😀

  9. @cyanwater : hahahah you got poisoned ah?! I also echo ndroo “go get a m4/3 cam!” 🙂

  10. arghhhh.. i must…. resist the… temptation to…. buy….

  11. @shunzi : Don’t resist! Get one now! Hahaha! Anyway if you are interested to get one, I am doing a very small mass order for friends (only here in Singapore). Do let me know ok? 😀

  12. @shunzi It a very SWEET poison this one, Get it!

  13. @Ta : Hahahaha! There is no stopping you from spreading the poison further eh? 😀

  14. but the MO only for the 25mm right?? more interested in the 35 leh 😀

  15. @shunzi : The 35mm one is also possible. I’ve just placed an order for a batch of the 26mm ones. Do let me know if you want the 35mm and I’ll see if I can do it in the next order. 😀

  16. Andrew…..Argggggggggggggg.
    You did it again……….
    I’ll take a second mortgage.

  17. @Ta : Hahahaha! You mean the Pinwide cap from Wanderlust? Hahahaha! That’s karma for poisoning me with the Toy Lens. 😛

  18. But your poison is worse…hard to get hold off. 🙁
    I might try making my own in the meantime….

  19. @Ta Hard to get hold of? Nah. Once they’ve started production and sent to those who pre-ordered … they will definitely have it on sale. 😀

  20. The wait for taking the poison is worse that taking it!

    Does that sound like a famous quote? Hahaha

    I hope you get yours in time for the PinHole Day


  21. @Ta : Yeah I’m waiting (not very) patiently for it too. 😀

  22. hi there, great photos.. i love it.
    may i ask you where you get your toylens? because after browsing the net, now i’m dying to get one 🙁
    fortunatly i’m going to singapore next weekend, do you know where i can get these lens?
    thank you so much

  23. @dion : Thanks. I got it from eBay. They ship it from Hong Kong. So far no local shop in Singapore is carrying this product. You should try eBay search for ‘slr magic’.

  24. thank you very much for your quick reply, i apreciate it.
    the thing is i never shop frim ebay before. may i ask you how long did it take
    to ship? because if its only in days i will buy it, and use my firend adress in spore,
    so i can use it for my singapore trip. thanks in advance

  25. @dion : No problem at all. Shipping is quite fast. Maybe in 3 days or so after you make payment.

  26. thank you again, for the reply… one last question do you recomend 26mm or 35mm for my olympus epl2? thanks again

  27. @dion : I only have the 26mm toy lens. The 35mm seems to be more of a normal lens instead of a ‘toy lens’, so I guess you have to decide what kind of output you prefer from the sample photos on their eBay page.

  28. haha sorry for the stupid question, i made up my mind. i think im gonna go for the 35 lens.
    once again thank you very much for your kind help

  29. @dion : No problem at all. 🙂

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