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For those who has not seen my Facebook status just now … let me first apologize for a big mistake I made today. This goes out especially for those who participated in the ’36 In 12′ challenge today. Somehow I screwed up and after a long day of shooting … I happily tried to rewind my cam just to find that there ain’t no tension in it. Damn! Not sure why but somehow when I opened up the camera back … the film leader was in the canister!!! OMG! I spent the whole day out with my family … making sure I have more stuffs to shoot … and this happened?!!!

I seriously hope this will not stop anyone from sending me the photos they took today. So sorry I can’t be part of this challenge this time but please do send me the photos ok? Send them to me using to

Do you notice that what I typed (above) is a bit different from what I typed (as my status) in Facebook? The reason is because I refrained from posting this entry until I cool down/recover from the shock … and thus no F word is appearing (so far).

It is a funny thing that about 4pm … when I met up with Jimmy (from ThirtySix) and Noreen for beer … Noreen suddenly told me that she had to give up the ’36 In 12′ challenge. I was shocked but she told me that she just realised that her LC-A+ that she had been shooting since 9am … has no batteries in it. I tried to tell her that it ain’t that bad that she found out halfway instead of getting the shock in the end … but then … in the end … I was the one screaming in shock. Argh!

Anyway … for those who took the effort to join the challenge … I do hope you guys can send me the images by mid of April … and I’ll compile and publish them accordingly. 🙂

I did some digital shots today to test out my K-5 … mostly testing it indoors under low light … to see how well it focuses and the noise control. So far I am very happy that it performs pretty well. As a consolation … apart from the nice beer I had with the friends … here are some of the test shots since this morning …

Here are some low light tests with various ISO settings …

Yeah … I was pushing my luck with ISO 51,200. Hahahaha!

These were taken all with ISO 1600 …

I took the two photos below and suddenly went ‘Okay! You are gonna get your nails trimmed when we get home!’ … yeah … and he did. Hahaha!

Some yummies today …

After my recent ‘brave’ attempt at trying Malala Coke … I took the risk and tried some Devil Expresso at TCC today. It ain’t as scary as it looks though. I sure wish they didn’t put chocolate in it but then … without the chocolate … I might be running to the toilet the next minute. 😀 I still love it lots!

Fitzand wanted to part of the action and so I let him snap some photos of the people around. Hahahahaha!

This next photo could cost me my life … so thank God I know how to apply mosaic effect in Photoshop. 😛

Of course Fitzand became the ‘model’ too …

The K-5 is definitely an ‘investment’ I won’t regret!

Okay … time to go try get some sleep … and forget about the big incident today.

I hope those who participated in the ’36 In 12′ challenge had fun doing what they did … and looking forward to receive the photos soon.



  1. Chill ndroo! I had some setbacks too tho! I forgotten to snap throughout the whole day after packing my camera into the bag! 🙁

  2. Well this is weird…I had it in my head that it was Saturday. I loaded the file spent the whole day shooting untip 9pm when I was trying to rewind it…I realised that the film didn’t advanced at all…Then I checked the blog and found that it was actually Sunday…Phew!…I loaded it properly…Sunday…a trip to London….and guess what it stuck at 12th frame…sprockets torn…Anyway I’m going to have whatever’s left developed and submit them.


  3. Guess everyone is having problems… No worries dudes~ We’ll just make do with what we have!

  4. why no post the pic i took of u. lol

  5. Aww! Hugs! Nevermind, well at least you got the ball rolling for something fun!

  6. Hugs! Oh well, at least u had a great day out n you started the ball rolling for something fun!

  7. I went shooting on saturday.
    that wouldnt count right?
    It’s totally not in 12hrs.

  8. hahahahha…… u got 1 shoot that is money cant buy!

  9. @bryson : It is okay … I know the reason. Hahahaa! 😛

    @Ta : Will be waiting for the photos. 😉

    @kaxdd : Cool!

    @ymmij : Don’t make me kick your butt! X(

    @irorus : So you managed to finish the roll?

    @noreen : Ermm … the camwhoring guy? Hahahaha! Quick upload the video!!! 😀

  10. Yes I did!! Though got play cheat abit.. Heehee

  11. @Irorus : Cheat!!! Hahhaa! Send me the photos ok? 😉

  12. What’s with the fake glasses, Jim? Trying to be mijonju ah? Lol!!!

  13. @cin – mijonju says it’s cool.

  14. *covers mouth and giggles at cyanwater’s comment*

    Will the real Mijonju please stand up?

  15. he love the spec… hahahahha

  16. iso51…what?! hahaha nice!
    ndroo, the same thing happens to me during my trip to USS last feb 🙁 sad to the maxxxx.

  17. One before last picture is killing me!

  18. @evaeva : Awwww … we all have our own bad days, don’t we? Worry not … USS is just not far away. Come again!

    @Ta : Gosh! For a moment I thought you were referring to the guy in red. LOL.

  19. I think fitzand looks cooler with the specs though. hehe

  20. @cyanwater : Cooler? This means Jim is cool already? Hehehe. Okay … now Jim owe me beer! 😀

  21. @Sapphire St. : I’m so sorry your comment somehow went into the spam comment list. Sorry for the late reply. Hmm. Not on that day and not in 12 hours? 😀 Ermm … to be fair … I guess I won’t include them in the consolidated output. Still … it will be great if you could share them with us if in any way the roll was in some way inspired by this challenge. Okay? Just send me an email with a link to the gallery of images. 😉

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