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Finished my first (and only) pack of the Impossible Project’s PX600 UV+ black frame film today. After the first few photos, someone asked if this film still has some sepia tint to them and that made me take a second look at the earlier photos in the day light. Hmm … if my old fuzzyeyeballs are not tricking me … they do actually have a little sepia tint to them. I scanned my earlier photos in black & white mode and thus they look a little different under the daylight. For those who has tried this film, please correct me if I’m wrong.

One thing I expected to happen was that the earlier photos I took a couple of weeks ago seemed to have changed color. The photos looked more sepia and light. I’ll wait and see what happens later.

That’s all for now. Putting the cam to rest for a while … while I go save up for more instant film to play with. 😀


  1. Love the cat shot, how the items are framing it.

  2. @Sapphire St. : Thanks.

  3. Love the little photog.

  4. @Ta : Thanks. That’s a squiry cammie give to him by the famous (Queen) Cyanwater. 😀 He brought it to the zoo to play in the pool but ended up not using it because I got him a water gun. 😀

  5. The Bazooka type? Understandable 😉

  6. @Ta : Hahaha! I had to react real fast when he has that in his hands … else my cammie will be now in cam heaven (or hell).

  7. Mine did turn out to be sepia when I shot them under warmer temperature.

    You shouldn’t have brought the gun la! Lol

  8. Mine seem to have more Sepia tones in brighter light situations. My shots outdoors have distinctly more Sepia tones than the ones I shot indoors.

  9. @cyanwater : Hmm. Perhaps it works differently under different temperature. 🙁

    @runawayronin : Oh … so that is how this film ‘behaves’! 😀

  10. @ndroo, then again, temperature might play a part too.

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