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After my recent first tests with the Wanderlust’s Pinwide indoors, finally I got to test it in the bright sun light. The fun thing about using it in the day is that you get to see what you are shooting on the LCD. Yeah … I thought I wouldn’t see a thing since the pinhole is so tiny … but I was wrong. You can actually see (though not 100% clear) what you are shooting. That makes things a bit easier but somehow takes away a bit of the fun & excitement of shooting pinholes. Right? Still it is one fun ‘toy’!

No more worrying about handshake when trying to shoot intoxicated. 😀 Just place the camera on the table, press the shutter button … take a few gulps and the photo is ready.

I removed the leather strap & half case from my E-P1, then slapped on the Pinwide and shoved the entire camera into a small little pouch now. It somehow acts like a compact camera now (of course without a lens).

I got quite a number of enquiries asking if it is worth buying (the Pinwide). Hmm. For the price, I’d say it is something affordable yet fun but …

… if you can resist ordering one now (I think they have yet to take in new orders), there might just be something similar yet more versatile coming real soon. Sorry no clues for you now but if the news I got is accurate, very soon you will see a Pinwide competitor that promises more than … ermm … ok … I shall stop typing now. 😛


  1. Andrew, this is so unfair…WHO are making it….Tell us please….

  2. @Ta : Be patient … be patient … 😛

  3. How about a small clue 😉

  4. @Ta : Not 100% confirmed info but if you really insist … it has something to do with some poison you drank recently. 😉 Get it? 😀

  5. Oh yes I got it!
    THanks Andrew hee hee!

  6. Online store opens now 🙂

  7. @Ta : Ordered one already? 😉

  8. My Pinwide still hasn’t arrived…too late for the 24th as today is my last day at work until after Easter 🙁
    I’ll have to use the EOS body cap..Nevermind…I got other camera to be playing with 🙂

  9. @Ta : Yeah … I’m sure you won’t be having any shortage of camera supplies. Hahaha. Need me to recommend you some? 😀

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