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Finally home from a short trip to Malaysia. Usually I have a bit more time for photography there as my parents will help entertain Fitzand a little … while I can have a little peace of mind to snap away. Here are some digital ones taken using the SLR Magic Toy Lens and extension tube combo … on my E-P1.

There were supposed to be more photos but somehow I was ‘inspired’ to work on something pretty ermm … special during this trip there. I can’t mention or post photos of it until sometime later this month but anyway … that ‘work’ kept me pretty occupied this trip.

Too bad I can no longer try using the SLR Magic’s extension tube with other Micro 4/3 lenses as I’ve sold my Lumix 20mm lens away and now only have the Toy Lens as the ‘primary lens’ for my E-P1.

Time to try get some sleep and wake up to welcome another blue blue Monday! 🙁


  1. Wooo….nice macros!

  2. Really like the second one

  3. @Jer & Ta : Thanks! 🙂

  4. what!!! you sold your lumix lens?!?! Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to sell? I would have bought it from you…grrrrr….
    Anyway, papaya is yummy! 😛

  5. @nelly : You told me not too long ago that you won’t wanna get that … at least for the time being. Remember? 😀 Awwww … it would have been easier selling it to you over a beer. 😉

  6. @nelly : Btw … I hate papayas. 😀

  7. damnit lah……..hmpfh!

  8. @nelly : Hahahahaha! You should have told me you want one!

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