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Probably the roll that was left fermenting for the longest time in my LC-A+. It was a roll I prepared for a double exposure … probably end of last year and then couldn’t find time to finish shooting it until now. It is pretty fun looking at the photos and go ‘Whoa! That was taken sometime in February this year!’. Here are the messy (I love mess!) photos …

This one below was taken at the 2011 Chingay parade rehearsal. Oh man … how time flies!

The first exposure in some of these shot seem to be overpowering the second. Luckily the 2nd one is still visible.

When I was down to the last few exposures, Fitzand kidnapped my LC-A+ last Sunday at the zoo and took some shots of the friends there. These are those he took (including one of me!! Argh!!!) …

His favourite ‘jie jie’ (sister) …

Fitzand finished the last few exposures and was asking for more *sweat*. I had to borrow a roll of negatives from Jimmy at the zoo to cure the little one’s trigger happy fingers.


  1. Very nice oh! Especially the one with your blonde friend. Never introduce.

  2. @TLLIM : Huh? TLLIM? What happened to Doublechin? As for my blonde friend, she says rice gives her constipation and thus not really suitable. 😛 😛 😛

  3. god, the photos are gorgeous! if i get a kid in future i’ll buy him/her an LC-A as a birthday present

  4. @wenlin : Thanks. Yeah give the kiddo a LCA! Ermm … maybe when he/she is a bit older. I only let Fitzand fire some shots and ask for it to be returned. They go all hyper and can burn 36 frames in few minutes and possibly all the photos are of the same subject. Hahahaha! Let them have it at different times for better results. 😀

  5. No.2 is my FAVE!!!

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