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Gave the LC-W a test run on the streets recently and as a conclusion … I think being so super wide makes things very challenging. I remember being not too far from the subjects but the photos seem to show that the people (aka subjects) are further away. Good thing is that the wideness of the lens helps capture most of the ‘action’ even though sometimes I just roughly hold the camera up and snap without looking thru the viewfinder.

The lens on the LC-W is pretty darn sharp and I don’t find any of the dreamy effect like what I get on my LC-A+. Oh wait … maybe my LC-A+ behaves a bit weird (and special!) after being dropped by Fitzand twice.

Lesson #8428320183 : Always remember to check if the lens cover is fully opened! Unlike the LC-A+/LC-A, the LC-W allows you to take a shot even if the cover is not fully opened! This photo (below) is one of the few that got screwed up because I didn’t realise the cover wasn’t fully open.

Oh btw … this is roll of Neopan 400 and I got the lab to do the scanning this time. I’m way too tired to stay up late to scan them these few nights.


  1. great shot abang andy… i like the 2nd picture.haha

  2. The shot of uncle showing good is great!

  3. @ichi : Thank you. 🙂

    @cyanwater : Thanks! Hey that’s my favourite from the roll too.

  4. wide!

  5. @ymmij : Yeah! Love the wideness! It is easier to shoot in the day. Hahaha! No stress of counting the seconds like the night shoot we did.

  6. Great pictures! Lov’em

  7. @Ta : Thank you 🙂

  8. Agree with cindy !! That shoot is awesome !!

  9. @Noreen : Thanks. Too bad I lost eye contact when he looked at Fitzand. LOL.

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