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Guess I got a little too trigger happy and ended with 3 rolls since yesterday … testing out my newly found joy … the 135W back for the Bronica ETRsi. Below are the photos from the first roll … mostly taken during a zoo trip with Fitzand yesterday. He is pretty capable in handling the scooter at the zoo now and I got to relax at the back (of course always on the alert when he starts to lose control being distracted by the animals). He will stop at almost every exhibit and tell me to take photos. For once I feel so relaxed shooting at the zoo. Hahaha! Anyway … this is a roll of Ektar 100 that has been hiding in my bag for some time now.

As usual … to preserve the layout of my blog, these photos are resized to fit. For slightly larger versions, click on the thumbnails below.

After 2 test shots I took the day before (see the couple of photos from Clarke Quay below), I decided that the split focus screen ain’t for me. I somehow prefer using the microprism one that came with the cam. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with frame lines for the 135w back … and so I ended up drawing the frame lines with a marker pen. Ugly it may be but it works perfectly. 😀

I read about people complaining that loading the 135W back is a pain but I find it rather easy. As a matter of fact … it is easy! Nah … it is not because I’m smart. Hahahha! I swear … it is easy!

With the 135W back, I’m loving the ETRsi even more! Oh … almost all these photos were taken using the 75mm lens and not the 40mm one that I bought recently. Only those few from Clarke Quay were shot using the 40mm.

Sorry if the colors on a few of these look a bit off. I am now using the Epson Scan software and still trying to figure out the settings. As you might have read in my earlier post … my Silverfast left the building when I upgraded to OSX Lion. Grrrrr!

Let me go grab a coffee and see if I can scan the rest of the rolls later tonight.




  1. Wow…Nice! Must be difficult to get the focus since it is manual right? My hands are not equipped with USM, sure kena many artistic shots if I am using one of this cam.

  2. @Jer : Not really difficult to focus … even with my old fuzzy eyeballs. Hahaha! I find it pretty easy after a while (using the microprism screen). I get a little irritated when using the split screen though. The split screen may offer more precise focusing but I just don’t have the patience.

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