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The 2nd roll from the test shoot. This time … a roll of Reala 100 which also has been sleeping in my fridge for the longest time. These shots were taken this afternoon when I took 2 hours off from babysitting Fitzand to meet up a friend in Chinatown for dim sum. Of course I took opportunity of the ‘freedom’ to burn a roll of film there! 😀

This photo (above) is my favourite from the roll. This was actually the 2nd shot of a similar scene after I waited there for the pigeons to take flight. The first shot went straight to the bin because my trigger happy finger tripped the shutter a bit too earlier.

I somehow find pointing a big camera at strangers and acting like I ain’t shooting them a little easier. Not sure why though. Maybe it is because of the sense of security having a big ‘brick’ on hand in case the stranger comes screaming at me? 😀

Someone asked why do I not use 120 film on the Bronica as using the 35mm is not doing it justice. Hahaha. Well … I’m sure I’ll be feeding it some 120 soon but for now … nothing beats the fun of looking through the viewfinder and composing using the pano framelines. 😀

I’ll scan the last roll tomorrow night. It is a roll of Sensia 100 which I got it cross processed just now. Time to get back to work tomorrow after a looong weekend. 🙁 Not sure when the next public holiday is but I’m sure looking forward to October when I’ll be probably taking a week off for a vacation. Now … should I lug this Bronica along? 😀

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